Does a dump make a mountain?

I am from the Boland, Western Cape…Paarl specifically.  Dubbed one of the most beautiful valleys in the world.

(photo: reijame)

Paarl is the third oldest town in South Africa and is situated 66 km’s north-east from Cape Town.  The area has a Mediterranean climate and is lined with vineyards that produce world-class wines.  And we have purple mountains…

Yes, in the late afternoons, the majestic Drakenstein Mountains turn a pinkish-purple as the sun’s rays play on it.  It is breathtaking.

(photo: londonboy)

I was fortunate enough to go back home last week for a wedding. I lived in Paarl for 32 years and never will I grow tired of this sight. Despite the soaring temperatures (somedays up to 40+ degrees), it was great.

Then I had to return to this…

A mine dump…or the closest thing to a mountain in Joburg.  Don’t get me wrong, I love living here.

“South Africa’s biggest city lies six hours from the sea and six hours from the nearest ski slopes, but the metropolis built on gold is dotted with abandoned mines, many filled with powdery sand that has even inspired a new sport…sandboarding.

The dunes have been around for a century, after an 1880s gold rush gave birth to Johannesburg. But modern mining techniques can now extract gold from the sand, and companies are already chewing away at the dunes.” (Mail&Guardian sept 2009)

They estimate the dumps to still be around for another six-ten years.  Another reason I cling to my mountains.

Nothing can compare to my Boland mountains.  Every morning I would wake up to the singing of birds and when I open my windows I am taken aback by the presence of this land mass that is a deep blue before the sun hits it.

It is awesome…hey, my God is awesome!  And at least I know they’ll be there when I head home again!

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