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DIY: Warning…this is one hot lampshade!

I got the idea to make this lampshade in Winter 2011.  Talk about procrastination…

Anyway, I have always being interested in the orange safety net used by Municipal workers alongside the road.  I love it so much…was thinking of making a bedspread out of it! 🙂

Just joking! On a serious note…the colour immediately warms me up and what better way to warm up a room than with an extra-cool (excuse the pun) hot lampshade:

The nice thing about my DIY art is that it almost always cost nothing or very little money.  That is why it is so easy to change after I get bored of it.  Check this one I made last year for the girls’ room when we still stayed in Naturena.

Well we moved twice since and I grew tired of it.  Time for change:

Material needed:

Old lampshade frame

Safety net (available from hardware store for about R12,00 per meter)

Hot-glue gun

Pliable wire



1. Remove old lining and expose wire frame

3. Cut a piece of safety net to cover the frame.

4. Glue it to the frame with a hot-glue gun.

For extra hotness, use a red light-bulb and flick the switch!

Enough hotness to warm up any winter!

Also featured in the June issue of the 4ChangeMag.  (not yet updated)

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer

Better late than never!  Last week’s photo challenge:

Summer ~ {the warmest season of the year; in the northern hemisphere it extends from the summer solstice to the autumnal equinox}

Where I’m from in Paarl, temperatures soar on average in summer at 39/40 degrees Celsius daily. However for some reason I am beginning to love winter more.  Could be because we have such lovely winters here in Jozi, Gauteng.

These pics depict nostalgia to me.  I took them in Ancona, Italy.

It reminds me of summer times in Cape Town, especially Muizenberg.

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Hold up your scarves! Make a DIY scarf holder

We’re getting ready for winter in the Southern Hemisphere.  And boy it get’s cold in Jozi!

What better way to prepare for the cold season than organise your scarves!

Let’s make a DIY scarf holder:

Material needed:

Wood hanger

Curtain rings


Spray paint

  1. Gather the material together

2. Take a solid wood hanger

3. Use big wooden curtain hooks and tape them to the hanger

4. Use your preferred colour and spray-paint the whole unit!

5. Hang your scarves and voila!

You can make more than one for all your scarves.  Also, remember this is quick art using normal household items, so no expenses needed! Enjoy your weekend y’all!! God bless you!

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