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Today was an exceptional day: I met my cyber-buddy face-to-face!

Since I started blogging a whole new world has opened for me.  I met some wonderful people on-line and today I met my first cyber-buddy face to face!

Namita Lad (whatlifesays.wordpress.com) and I met last year, on-line.  We immediately connected and had a lot of similiar interests and viewpoints.  We both were also relatively new to the blogging world.  She lives in India.  Imagine my surprise when she announced she is coming to Joburg, South Africa for a whole year on a work assignment!

We stayed connected and really tried to meet, but you know how it goes.  Time passed and life became busy.  But alas!  Today we met in person!  Whoop-whoop!

Namita and I

Namita and I

Now, obviously it is a bit nerve-wracking to meet new people, especially when you have created this on-line persona of yourself.  You wonder if this person would accept you and identify with the one she met on-line.  So I was a bit nervous!

Luckily, she was all that I expected and more.  She is warm and friendly and very open to living in SA (even if only for a while).

Ironically her office is situated in the city so we are literally a few kilometers away from each other. It was great!  We had lunch and chatted like old buddies!

Here’s to a many more Namita!  Let’s go to Parys soon ok?

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“Re” is the it word for 2012

A belated wish for a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!  This is my first official post for 2012…apologies for that. I have been experiencing MAJOR technological problems!

“Re” is the it word for this year.  I love the “re” word.  You’ll be amazed to know that there are more than 4000 re-words as read here!!  Some good, some bad, check them out.

Ready, steady…here we go 2012!

Reflection.  Typically the start of a new year is a time for reflection. Most of us eagerly make a list of resolutions of how we are going to improve our lives and become better people. Usually ironically most of us, (including me) forget this list about a week into the new year.  We forget how charged-up we were when the adrenalin of the holidays and festivities were at its peak.  We forget self-discipline and all the attributes that we so solemnly swore on the 1st January.  My goal is to keep to these resolutions but I need heavenly intervention.  I need my Lord to help me because on my own the attempt is just futile.

Restart…everyday.  Start over every morning.  Don’t dwell on yesterday’s mistakes.  Rather improve on them.

Reboot.  No not you…you just came from holiday, remember?  Reboot your system…your operating system!  Oh my, I have had endless problems with my laptop.  I am not techno savvy at all…some of you might recall as read here.  Which makes it all the more difficult especially when you don’t have reliable IT support!  Hopefully I will receive my baby shortly then all will be back to normal!

Restore…relationships, your health, your marriage, your love for your kids, your love for God.

Spend more time with my kids

Remove... meaning: “To move from a place or position occupied”.  Yes you’ve guessed it…we are moving AGAIN!  Sad to go but excited for what lies ahead.  We are trusting God for our own piece of earth right here in Jozi very soon!

Home is where Jozi lies

Rekindle your passion/s.  Do what you love and love what you do.  If you have any hobbies or passions…revive them.  And when you do use them for the benefit of others.

Reinvent yourself.  Think of creative ways to solve problems.  We can learn a lot from the ever changing industry of Technology.  Every few weeks there is something new on the market.  I am challenged to reinvent my old ways of thinking.  Improve on my bad habits!  You’ll be glad to know that I have been working hard to improve on most of them…especially washing the dishes!

Rethink, recreate, recycle, restart, re-purpose, refocus…the list is endless!

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Naturena, Joburg

Naturena, Joburg

Philadelphia, Western Cape

Klipheuwel, Western Cape

Naturena, Joburg

Melkbosstrand, Western Cape

Rockhaven, Porterville

Rockhaven, Porterville

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10 Reasons why I love Jozi

Jozi on the move

If you told me a few years ago that I would move to Johannesburg in 2010, I would have refused to believe you.  I always vowed never to trade my beloved Cape Province for another…especially not crime-ridden Gauteng.

One of my friends, Yvette lived in Jozi for close to 7 years with her husband, Ronwyn Hughes.  Each time we would visit them the discussion would come up.  For years they would pose the question: “Why don’t you guys move up to the city…it’s not as bad as they say it is.”  I couldn’t understand their obsession with this place.  Everything was so fast and literally furious.  The rat race was unbearable as well as the traffic!

However, if God has plans for you, there’s no fighting it.  So we moved to the city of gold in April 2010, completely by faith.

Having moved countless times, we have literally married the nomadic lifestyle.  Thus we naturally settled in.  It was our first move to another province and although we were sad to be away from our family, it was exciting.

New prospects…new beginnings, a new start…  so we learned to love it.  And as the Hughes’ pointed out…it is not as bad as they say.

  1. Yes, there is traffic…all the time.  It is bad and the pollution is suffocative.  However, there are six million trees in Johannesburg. On satellite pictures, the city looks like a rain forest, albeit man-made. There are 1.2 million trees within the parks and on the pavements, and 4.8 million in private gardens throughout the suburbs.

Jozi trees

  1. Joburg’s suburbs are beautiful.  The houses are palatial and the gardens are very well kept.
  1. What it lacks in a sea, it makes up in a few dams namely the Emmarentia Dam and Zoo Lake among others.
  1. My opinion is that people are more open to change that in my home province.  Please note: this is based on my personal experience.
  1. The city is magnificent!  I love the buildings and their history.  I have been doing some reading regarding.
    When gold was discovered in the area in 1886 , Johannesburg sprang up from the veld as a rowdy mining camp. The city will be 125 years old this year.
  1. Jozi raised world-players such as Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu amongst others.  They lived in Vilakazi Street in Soweto.

Vilakazi Street, Soweto

  1. Johannesburg houses a few cities.  The FNB Soccer City and Gold Reef city.  Soccer city was the flagship venue for the FIFA World Cup 2010.  It hosted both the opening match and the final.  Gold Reef City Theme Park, a living attraction that documents the gold rush and the birth of Jozi (Johannesburg), and the place to learn more about the city’s fascinating history of grit, glory and gold.

FNB Soccer City

  1. I love the winters here.  Temperatures sometimes go below freeze point, but the sun would be shining.  I can’t say the same for summers…I hate the thunderstorms!
  1. Surprisingly I have grown used to the street vendors.  Especially the ones that sell hand-made products.  I love their quality offering and how they encapsulate the city in their work.
  1. The city has a certain pulse and it’s addictive.  The inner city buzzes with people from all over Africa that gives it a raw energy that I like.  It truly is a melting pot of people, cultures and opinions.

Melting pot

There are many more reasons why I love Joburg, maybe even more why I should hate it.  The crime rate is probably the city’s most famous liability, the traffic is a nightmare and the road works have been dragging for years…but it has the Gautrain, Africa’s first speed train.

You see…whenever I hear of something negative about the place I now call home, I am quick to think of a positive.  I guess its part of being a nomad.  You learn to adapt and see the positive about your new home town.  It is a great survival instinct.

Oh, you want to know what I think of the new tollgate system?  Right now, I try not to think about it.  We as South African’s have amazing coping abilities.  I will drive myself by this motto: I’ll drive less, talk less, work more and try to create a better country! 😉

What do you like about your hometown or city! Please share!

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We are the world

I always find it interesting when travelling to see how our cities’ architecture have been shaped by European influence.

Residential flats, Barcelona - Spain

Old building, Joburg - South Africa

Big Ben, London - UK (photo Alan Hutchison)

City Hall, Cape Town - South Africa

Acropolis, Athens - Greece

Monte Casino, Joburg - South Africa

Ironically, I am struggling to “find” our style.  I mean South African style.  Our cities and towns are crowded with Tuscan Villa’s that don’t reflect our uniqueness at all.  If you think you found a house or building that encompass our style, please take a picture and send it to me!

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