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Mirror mirror on the wall…

I just luuuuurve creating something new from discarded items.  A few months ago I posted about a bathroom I did for clients.  Ashley did the actual work and plunged a whole lot of rubble on our rubbish-dump on site. I once again became a scavenger and went looking for treasures.  I managed to collect some off-cuts from the tile border we used.

Tile border

For this project you need:

  • A naked mirror
  • Glue/tile adhesive
  • Cutter
  • Tile off-cuts
  • Tile grout
  1. Cut the tile strips


2. Glue each mosaic down on the mirror.  Make sure the tile still has the mesh on the back.  This will insure that the tile adheres to the mirror.

Mosaic tiles

3. Continue until you have completed the border.

Almost completed mirror

4. The mirror should be almost complete.  All you need to do now is use tile-grout to finish it off.  I haven’t done that yet as I don’t have at home.  As soon as I have bought I will complete the project.

Mirror on the wall

Another low-project.  Apart from having to still buy the tile-grout, it cost me absolutely nothing but a little elbow grease. Go on and try it!

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Sticks make a mirror

Now for my weekly DIY project.  I have been meaning to make-over this mirror in the bathroom.

Naked mirror on wall

I have been playing with a few ideas of jazzing it up, then I saw this picture on the Internet:

My inspiration

So I went on a excursion around the house and picked up a few sticks and twigs.

Sticks & twigs

Then I grabbed my trusty jigsaw and started sawing away.

Cutting time

After a whole lot a noise and saw dust all over the place I ended up with a whole lot of wood chips.

Wood chips

Naturally some of them had to be sanded because of the rough edges.  Then I started placing them on the mirror.

Placing the chips

Then I used the hot-glue gun to fix them to the mirror.

Mirror on wall

I really like it.

Close up view

Ideally I would like to have a bigger mirror.  I also think I should make a flat wood frame and fix the chips directly to the frame.  That will naturally enlarge the mirror.

Project cost: R0,00

Gotta love it!

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