Don’t break your back

This was my bed for the last 6 months…

I must admit, I was not to excited at first as I am totally convinced that you sleep on a bed. But we moved to Joburg in such a hurry we couldn’t take our bed we have had for the last 6 years.

We have moved with it a few times as seen in the pics below..

Philadelphia, Western Cape, 2006

Kuilsriver, Western Cape, 2008

Naturena, Gauteng Province, 2011 (room not done yet, watch this space)

As you might figure by now, we have moved a few times in between, but (un)fortunately I don’t have any pics! I am starting to sound like a really mad (moving) person!

But back to the story about the futon mattress.  When we first bought it, it was purely as an extra bed for our guests.  Then Ashley dubbed it his bed as it was conveniently plopped in the second TV room.  He spent many a happy nights there…and it saved me from his endless snoring!

A futon mattress it has really good benefits and it is reputed to be good for your back.  It is a mattress type that originates from Japan and other eastern countries. They are usually filled with cotton or wool. Though some have also more exotic fillings such as latex layers in them. Compared to usual mattresses, futons are much less soft. Because they don’t give up under body weight, many say that they are better for your back. Some also like them better for sex as they give better support. (source:

As an Interior Designer, I prefer a normal mattress and base. It could also be because I haven’t had the opportunity to design a Japanese style room.  And I also found that my back was sore every morning.

I love my bed, but have been thinking of changing the look of it.  I am getting tired of tagging this dark furniture everywhere we go. So I am up for a new challenge.  Not sure what to do yet.  It just seriously needs an update. Keep a look out!


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