My lockdown story: The history of the My Africa Range

In the midst of a global pandemic, and SA’s first lockdown in history, an idea was born.

Allow me to share my story of HOPE with you.

In May 2020, during lockdown, my family and I took a walk around the small holding where we live. I noticed a discarded piece of wood and picked it up. It was a little heavy, so I put it aside and asked my hubby to collect it with the car when he passed there again. It took him a good few weeks to eventually remember! 

Discarded plywood

He finally brought it home and having a slight obsession with the shape of the African continent, I immediately knew what it was going to be – an artwork in the shape of Africa. I didn’t know how to do it, but my gift kicked in, and God gave me the insight on how to do it with the limited tools I had. What makes this even more unique is that I drew the Africa shape by hand, so not every nook and cranny is accurate. But that makes it even more special.

I cut out the shape of the African Continent

As some of you might know my nature, I couldn’t waste the negative of the cut out, and I took it a step further. I cut a border around the negative and it became a frame. Then I sort of parked this project for a few days.

I cut a frame with the remaining piece of wood

Oblivious to the response I would get, I posted a picture of me holding the frame on AFRICA DAY!

Posing for a picture on Africa Day!

Surprisingly, I was inundated with people requesting the product. I was quite unprepared for the response and just politely informed them that I would consider it and let them know if I decide to start producing it someday! 😊

Unaware to the growing interest, a few months passed when I received another few inquiries. I seriously started to consider the Africa Frame as a product to my range. I consulted with my creative team (me, myself and I lol!) and I contacted all the clients who showed interest, and they were still serious about wanting it! So, the journey of the My Africa range was born.

First orders

I contracted the manufacturing to a local environmentally conscious manufacturing studio with a creative approach to industrial design, interiors and architecture. They get timber from demolition yards or building sites under renovation. All of their timber off-cuts go to people who can use it for firewood or building and fixing their homes.

Lizl with frame
In client’s home
In client’s office space
Trio family of frames in client’s home

Then, when I thought it couldn’t get any better, God gave me another brilliant idea! The “My Africa Lap Desk”, which is totally original and exclusive to Lilly Loompa! The only one of its kind in the world! WOW! I am so humbled by God and the work He is doing in our lives. I am not telling you this story to brag, but to testify of the goodness of God!

Lizl with desk
Multi-functional item
The main function of the desk is a remote working tool

Am I allowed to choose a favourite? It is definitely the My Africa Lap Desk!

Remember, as entrepreneurs, my husband and I was also hard-hit because of the lockdown so we didn’t have any income. So what started out as a personal DIY décor project for my home, is now a range product added to my range, and has allowed my business to explore new markets and possibilities!

Don’t brush off your God-given talent and gifts. Learn to unearth what He has placed inside of you! Try and listen to His nudges, and you will surprise yourself with your own capabilities! Are these products perfect and complete? Nope, but instead of waiting for the perfect design and favourable circumstances, I have stepped out in faith and allowed God to do a work through my hands. May God bless you on your journey, don’t be afraid, take that first step! The world is waiting to be awed by your gift!

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