Barbecue or braai?

What do you prefer?  A barbecue or braai?  Braai is such an unique word, describing all that we are as South Africans.  It is a rugged, tenacious word.  It represents all that we are and have been.

South Africans don’t need an excuse to make a braai…I think on average I attend a braai every second weekend.  Usually I am only familiar with the host and I get to meet his/her circle of friends.


This is how we do it…the bigger the flames the better!

We love braai so much…we have a whole day dedicated to it! National Braai day happens on 24 September and was instituted a few years ago to commemorate our rich heritage.  It seems it’s great platform for all races to get together to discuss our differences etc.

Our friend Clint smoking away.  Boerewors is always on the menu.

My husband, Ashley is an avid braaier.  If I don’t stop him, he will braai every day.  Or make a fire everyday.

Fire helped to spark language and culture. Society was born around a campfire.

Even today, when we stare at a fire, there is something mystical about it – as if something primitive from within calls us to stare into the fire and dream…

Ashley & our friend, Ronwyn, around a campfire

The use of fire helped our ancestors survive. It provided heat, light, shelter and protection from predators and enabled them to cook and preserve food, and perhaps also sparked language and culture.

And the list of what to braai is endless…whatever you fancy.  The other day our dear friend Edwellan came to visit and we thought it a special occassion.

Ashley & Edwellan at the braai

It was a great day at Hartebeespoortdam and we put gammon on the coals!

We brushed it with orange squash since we forgot the glaze at home. It was beautiful.  Tender and succulent and we will definitely not wait till Christmas to have gammon again!

We are faced with so many social issues today and a braai is the perfect place to gain common ground.  I challenge you to organise one and let’s tackle the hard core issues.  A juicy steak has crumbled many a man’s heart.

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