Hello! I am Lizl Naude 🙂

Imagine me as a young girl, growing up in the valley-town of Paarl, in the Winelands of the Western Cape.  I was influenced by the natural beauty surrounding me; the smell of the wet vineyards after a rainstorm, the purple mountains and the wide expanse of the night-sky.

These things inspired me and still do.  Being creative is what I do.  It is the essence of who I am.  I am brilliant at developing concepts and am known to action it on the least resources available.

I am a Product and Lighting Designer.  This blog is a lovely outlet for me, I enjoy writing about my adventures and how I am building my design business.

I am a Wife to Ashley, and the Mother of two girls; Chelsea and Kirsten.

Thanks for stopping by! ❤

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Kim McFarlane says:

    LOOVE it!!!!! i’ll be here very often.

  2. Royzanne Marcelle Kampher says:

    What a pleasure to talk to you today and read your Blog. Bubbling over with ideas and excited to work with you in 2016!

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