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Weekly Photo Challenge: Unusual

Unusual ~ {Being definitely out of the ordinary and unexpected; slightly odd or even a bit weird}

Dead fish on the shore

To us city dwellers from Johannesburg, the beach is not a regular sight.  So this dead fish immediately drew our attention.

Nosy Joburgers

Pics taken at Noetzie beach, Knysna.

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Contrast like day and night…

Contrast ~ {Put in opposition to show or emphasize differences}

I took this picture when on holiday in January while a passenger in the car. (Excuse the quality).

It is a timber shack located on the N2 in a township called Noetzie. It is placed adjacent to Pezula, the most luxurious residential resort on the continent.  This very skew building caught my eye and I couldn’t help but wonder how it can still stand and who lives in it?

We kept on driving into Knysna town and just a few kilometres down the road another timber building caught my eye (another pic while driving):

I am not sure if it is a retail shop…but it looked very interesting. It had a vertical garden on the upside. Although very close in proximity the two buildings are literally & figuratively world’s apart.  Makes you think doesn’t it?

PS: This is my 140th post!! Yeah!

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H-O-L-I-D-A-Y-S…looking back

Travelling is a beautiful gift and I love it.  It allows you to step out of your comfort zone and explore.  I went through my picture folder and immediately was transported to the places I was blessed to see this past holiday season…again!

Misty cliffs of Kleinkrantz

Kleinkrantz is situated on the outskirts of Wilderness.  It is a beautiful and quiet retreat.

Snippets of Mosselbay

We spent most of our holiday in Mosselbay.  The modern history of Mossel Bay began on the 3rd of February, 1488, when the Portuguese explorer Bartolomeu Dias landed with his men at a point close to the site of the modern-day Dias Museum Complex.  Here they found a spring from which to replenish their water supplies.  It is a very popular holiday destination and the camping spots are usually packed to the brim during holiday season.

Wilderness snippets

Very popular spot on the Garden Route and a favourite among the paragliding community.  I took all these pics while we were driving.  I especially love the last one of the building.

Knysna Heads

They call Knysna the pearl of the Garden Route.  The town is primarily built on the northern shore of a large warm-water estuary, fed by the Knysna River. The estuary opens to the ocean after passing between two large headlands. These are popularly known as “The Heads”, and have become infamous due to the loss of boats and fishermen passing through their treacherous and unpredictable waters.

Castle on Noetzie beach

Noetzie is one of my favourite beaches.  It is private and totally hidden from the N2.  It is lined with castles, old and new.  If you are willing to brave a flight of about 200 steps down you’ll be able to see this:

Noetzie castle

Without being bias, South Africa is truly a beautiful country and I am so grateful to call this wonderful place my home.  It is richly diverse in people, culture and beauty.  There is so much to see and do. The great news is that this year has 7 long weekends…the question is where to go!

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