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Recycled fashion: T-shirt scarf

Please excuse my recent absence in cyberspace.  My weeks have been filled with work-projects, life and house-hunting! We have to move in 2 weeks time…again!!!

Apart from a few cold days…we have been experiencing an extremely mild winter this year in Gauteng.  This week’s project is perfect for these autumny-springy days!

T-shirt scarf as featured in the 4change Magazine.

What you need: 

An old ladies t-shirt


1. Start by laying the t-shirt on a flat surface

Lay it flat

2. Cut off the top section (just below the armpits)

Started snipping away.  At this point I forgot to document the process further!  Sorry!

I tried another one…unfortunately forgot to take pics of process again!

Ashley & I

This is a really cool project to try.  It is cheap and a great way to recycle old t-shirts!  Enjoy!

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Shopping with little (or no) money!

I have been thinking about this lately! Winter is here and a girl needs to up her wardrobe!

Challenge is…there is never enough money to buy whatever I like. Don’t get me wrong…I don’t lack anything…in fact my wardrobe is running over.  Just with outdated apparels!

So the other day I run off to the store…just needed some retail therapy.  Shopping is so therapeutic sometimes…even if I buy for someone else…it still does wonders! 🙂

Got me thinking…how do you shop with little or no money?  Trust me…it is possible!  First of all, buy clever.  Buy classic items that will never date.

1. Wear comfortable shoes and easy on/off clothes the morning of your designated shopping trip(as you will be trying on things), and also do your hair and makeup like you would normally do when going out (so when you try on things you’ll look your best in them) and don’t bring your life savings.

 2. Bring the minimal money (just enough for food or gas is good) and MAYBE enough for that perfect dress. If you have no money whatsoever, eat at home, bring snacks and water, or stay home. And pack your self-control.

 3. Make a mental or physical list of stores you want to go to and things you want to buy.

 4. Go directly to the stores you want to when you get to the mall/shopping center. Pick up whatever you like and try it on. Pick up things you weren’t sure would look good on you, or things you normally think are too expensive. Choose whatever! and try it on!

 5. Try to make outfits in the fitting room or as you shop.

 6. Tell the lady in the fitting room that you didn’t like anything (or if you have a lot and are too embarrassed, leave some with her and take some with you, then as you continue to “look around” the store casually hang up the rest).

 7. Repeat those steps for the rest of the stores you want to go to.

 8. Stop for food/water at some point since you may want to rest a bit.


(tips courtesy of: http://www.wikihow.com/Shop-With-Little-or-No-Money)

According to my experience…you don’t have to have loads of money to look good.  All it takes is some clever planning and a little cheating!

  • Patience is a virtue!  Wait for sales…you will be surprised at how much you save!
  • Buy seasonal clothes and boots after the season is passed.  Usually they are marked down quite a bit.
  • Buy from charity shops.  You are bound to find a bargain here and there.  Read the article below on buying at charity shops.  When we visited the UK a while back, I unintentionally visited a charity shop and found a designer shirt for 12 pounds (sadly, after two babes it doesn’t fit me any longer!)
  • Window shop on the High Street for ideas and go tho cheaper shops to actually buy a similar item.  Above picture shows me window shopping on the High Street in Milan.

Also check out this article:

Charity Shop Secrets | HerUni.com.

This article was just a frivolous conversation starter.  Do you have any tips on how to shop clever?

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Hold up your scarves! Make a DIY scarf holder

We’re getting ready for winter in the Southern Hemisphere.  And boy it get’s cold in Jozi!

What better way to prepare for the cold season than organise your scarves!

Let’s make a DIY scarf holder:

Material needed:

Wood hanger

Curtain rings


Spray paint

  1. Gather the material together

2. Take a solid wood hanger

3. Use big wooden curtain hooks and tape them to the hanger

4. Use your preferred colour and spray-paint the whole unit!

5. Hang your scarves and voila!

You can make more than one for all your scarves.  Also, remember this is quick art using normal household items, so no expenses needed! Enjoy your weekend y’all!! God bless you!

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