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Child’s play continues…

Dresser ~ {A cabinet with shelves}

About 2 years back, I posted a DIY project about a dresser.  In essence, the dresser had one drawer missing and this highly irritated me.

SAMA 17 (16)

Drawer missing

When you are short of budget for renovations or even decorating you learn to always think out of the box.  I had to make a plan to fix this eyesore.

So I did.  And I still chuckle when I think about it!


I painted a piece of wood in the same dark colour. Then I had to make a frame to mimic the other drawer fronts


So I used coloring pencils!

*  Ha! Bet you didn’t think of that!

I was quite happy about the end product.


Dark stained dresser

This time around, I desperately needed to change the colour! I never liked the dark stain in the first place.


I sanded it down and layered it with layers of white and teal paint


In between the layers, I roughly sanded the edges to expose the dark colour

The last coat was white.  Then I proceeded with the drawers.


Final coat was white


Completed dresser


 The hallway already feels a lot brighter!


Side view

That was fun! Child’s play! Have you done something silly while DIY-ing?  Let me know! Share!

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Our life on the wall

I love wall arrangements.  They add a little extra warmth to a home.  Usually owners or designers arrange things they love, like photo’s in such an arrangement.

I like to add a little something extra…things I love, that mean something to me.  To other people it might seem mundane…but it might remind me of a chapter in my life.

This is our hallway.


It is stark, cold and dark.  There is no light fixture…or there is, it is just not working.  I realised this while we were busy renovating.  It started raining and a few minutes later the water started pouring out of the hole where the light bulb should go.

Roof leaking through light fixture

If you look closely you can see the water dripping from the hole.  We haven’t really attended to this issue yet.  It has rained after that again…but for some reason we haven’t detected water in the hallway since.  Weird.

In the meantime we have painted the walls, as well as the doors and frames.   We just went with white PVA on the walls, and white enamel door frames.  We had lots of grey paint, so the doors were painted grey.  If you look closely again…you’ll notice slight greyish mark on the walls.  Our dear friend and helper, Chris, decided to do some touch-ups after painting.  In stead of using the PVA, he used enamel!  Aaaggggh!

Enamel on walls

So, my idea is to paint horizontal stripes on the wall with left-over paint.  Broad stripes about 20 cm wide.  Obviously we first have to sand the walls and especially where the enamel stripes are.  However, that is a project for another day.  For now, I just wanted to add something personal to the wall.  So I decided to make it a photo-wall.  Check the one I did for a client a few years ago.

Wall arrangement

See how I centred it, so whenever she wants to add photo’s or memorabilia she can spread them toward the outside.  I added photo’s in frames and something personal in the top centre.  It’s a woven hat they bought while in Zanzibar.

Now whenever this bug bites me I cannot stop.  I get all the ‘props’ together and lay them out on a big flat surface.  Then I move the frames around as I see fit.  For instance this example I made a few months ago.

I found some fabric samples on-site:

Fabric samples

I put them in frames:

Frames fabric samples

And arranged them with a mirror like this:

Testing arrangement

Our lounge has not been painted yet…due to budgetary constraints.  However the main wall was screaming for some TLC.  So this is how it looks now.  Please keep in mind…the wall has not been painted yet.

Fabric sample wall

So last week I decided our hallway needs some love.  So here is the process again:

Testing the waters

I started hanging them one by one.

Hanging frames one by one

It needed something personal.  So I added a string with a shell from one of our excursions back home.  One of my dear friends, Liana, once gave me a salt & pepper shaker set and unfortunately one of them broke during one of our moves.  It was turquoise and wrapped with raffia.  So I tied the shell and one of my jewellery creations together with the raffia of the broken pepper bottle.  I also hung a key.  It is the front door key of one of the many homes we stayed in.

Completed arrangement

That’s it.  At least for now.  Once again…it cost me nothing.  Some of the frames I had and the rest were sourced on-site. Now we need to fix the light, re-paint the walls and the floors…oh the floors!  Don’t get me started on the floors!  That’s a post for another day!

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