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Holy Spirit afresh

Some of you might remember a post about our updated dining room a while back.  I mentioned an inside joke about the “Holy Spirit” branch.  Well this week was significant in that I re-committed myself anew to my Saviour, Jesus Christ.

Yesterday we had a prayer session and I was so overwhelmed by His presence in the very same dining room.  So I thought it fitting to update the room with a new branch.  After all, that teeny branch was no where near representative of the Holy Spirit’s magnitude.

Branch before

I once again took a trip outside in looked in God’s backyard for inspiration.  I found this branch with great shape a few metres away from home:

Saved the branch

I vigorously removed the leaves and took it inside the house:

Ready to be hung

I used fish-line to give it the effect of hovering…and there you go!

Quick and easy

That is really a quick and easy project to update a room.  Once again a freebie from nature.  Go on and try it!

PS: I hope you didn’t notice…we haven’t done cornices yet.  Hopefully soon!

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Recycling coffee cans

Hello Friday!  This week our DIY project entails recycling coffee cans.

Since we have moved in, we have only done cosmetic changes to our dining room.  It needs overhead lighting, skirting boards and cornices.  Of that mentioned, lighting to me is more important.  I love keeping myself busy with low-cost projects so I thought of recycling the empty coffee cans I have been collecting into lights.

  1. I filled the cans with water and put it in the freezer.  This makes it easier to use the nail and hammer later.  Actually, if you fill it with sand and water and it won’t expand.

Fill up with water and freeze

2. Gather leaves or objects you like and trace them on paper.  Use masking tape to fix it around the tin.

Tape the paper to the tin

3. Use the nail and hammer to hit on the outlined drawing.  Remember to make 2 holes on each side.  You will need it to fix the wire/string you would use to hang it from.

Hitting the nail on the head

4. When you’re done, use spray paint in the colour of your choice to paint it.  I used white paint as I didn’t have spray paint at hand.

5. After it has dried, thread the wire through the holes and hang where you see fit!

Hanging tin lights

The light in the background is one made of ceramic.  The tin can is obviously a denser product so the light it illuminates is not as glowing.

Tin can light

I think I have changed my mind about it hanging.  I will rather take it from the ceiling and place it on the dining table while we eat.  Statistics say you eat less when your plate is properly illuminated.  So if you eat in the dark chances are you will eat more and pick up more weight!  I am actually trying to shed those winter kilo’s so bring on the light!!

Have a great weekend and be safe!

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Being a cheapie pays off!

I am an recycling junkie.  I also love spending little to get maximum results.  I guess that makes me a stingy, recycling Interior Decorator?

People always ask me how I do it.  Thus I have decided to give you a practical example of how a space can be transformed on a minimum budget.

This is our dining room…

Dining room

Now this is how it looked a few weeks ago…

Dining room before

Now here is a breakdown of how I personalised the space in a few weeks time:

  • First we cleared the room.  Then we painted it with paint found on site.
  • Then we cleaned the gunk of the floors.
  • We brought in the table we also salvaged from the site.  The chairs are ours but it was an olive green colour.
  • We painted the table and chairs a crisp white colour
  • I decorated the space with items I found in and around the house

Salvaged dining table

Green chairs before

Here is a breakdown of the items in the room so you can get an idea.

Dining room breakdown

  1. This lampshade is one of my own designs.  I made it from a old bamboo blind. The stand I bought at a factory store years ago for R120,00.
  2. The glass jar I picked up for R5,00 at a Boere-basaar when we stayed in Philadelphia a few years ago.  We now live on a grassland, so the grass I picked outside.
  3. The artwork of the Cross I painted myself in 2008.
  4. Ashley loves red.  He picked up the red Chalice glasses at R15,00 each a few years ago.
  5. The cutie-pie teacups and saucers are an heirloom from my Granny who stays in Cape Town.  She is 97 years old and still going strong!
  6. Our friends Frank and Jo-Anne brought the coconut from Mozambique earlier this year.
  7. I bought the grass place mats in Jeffreysbay in 2007 at R20,00 for the set of 6.
  8. The table we salvaged and painted ourselves.  The paint cost R110.00
  9. The white dinner set was a gift from my mom on my 29th birthday.  Over the years I have added to it.  That’s the advantage of having a white set.
  10. The chairs we bought at Weylandts annual warehouse sale in 2008 at R 99.00 a piece.
  11. The “Holy Spirit” branch I picked up while taking a stroll with the kids last year. A friend made a remark the first time he saw it and said it reminded him of the Holy Spirit hovering over us.

So if you add the totals we spent R 600,00 over a period of 4 years.  Take into account that most of the stuff I bought before we moved here. This brings the total of the project down to R110,00 for the paint we used for the table and chairs.  This is proof that with little money, creativity and time you can transform your place into a beautiful space that you love coming home to!

PS: I guess you saw the shortage of Cornishes and Skirtings.  We also need proper lighting. We are working on it, will keep you updated.

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