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Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

Better late than never they say!  The weeks are just flying by and my days are full to the brim!

Inside ~ {Internal to, not outside; located in the bounds of}

This picture was taken in March at the house we stayed at previous to this one.  As I write, we are busy moving again.  So in a week’s time this sentence will read: “This picture was taken in March at the house we stayed before the previous one!”  How’s that!

If you look closely, you’ll see two sheets of glass.  Sandwiched between the glass you’ll see weed growing.  These stubborn plants will find anyway to grow…inside anything!


I love the contrast of the blue sky and clouds as background.  This house is situated in Roodepoort which means: “red valley”  It is clear why…check that red soil.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Blue

Blue ~ {Of the colour intermediate between green and violet; having a colour similar to that of a clear unclouded sky}

One of my absolute favourites things to photograph is the sky, specifically clouds:

Blue sky – Paarl, Western Cape

Kleinmond, Overberg, Western Cape

Rockhaven Farm, Grootwinterhoek, Porterville, Western Cape

Melkbosstrand, Western Cape

Driving home, Jozi

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Ready

It's coming...

The storm is coming...


These pics were taken a few years ago when I still stayed in Cape Town.  I was absolutely fascinated by the cloud formations.  It almost look like the clouds are bubbling.

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