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Clever decorating tricks: Creating areas of interest

Every home should inspire.  After all it is where we wake up in the morning, and recline to at night.

A house becomes a home once you start living in it.  Your house can either fill you with joy or make you depressed.  Bare walls and empty rooms can cast down your demeanor, whereas cheerful, decorated rooms can fill your spirit with peace and joy!

Walking through your house should make you feel happy!

Easy ways to create a happy room is to paint the walls and put up pictures.  Also put personal memorabilia on display and create little reading nooks.

Below are some inspirational pictures of interesting areas created by home-owners.






Now, creating these corners does not have to cost a fortune.  A little imagination and creativity goes a long way.

Here are examples of how I created interesting, inexpensive little corners in my home.

Kitchen wall

Kitchen wall

Read DIY post here.

Reception room and leading to dining area

Reception room and leading to dining area

Read about how to make the funky dining table.



Read DIY post for this cool lampshade:

Reading nook in lounge area

Reading nook in lounge area

Read DIY post for this funky lampshade:

Wall of hearts

Wall of hearts

There you go.  Prove that it style does not have to cost you a lot!  Send me some of your inspirational areas in your home!

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Some nostalgia for my kitchen wall…

!!!!Hello 2013!  

This is my first post for the new year after an absence of a few months.  *Uhm…I feel really guilty for not regularly posting…but there was just no time with looming deadlines of projects.

I know I might have done some damage with readers losing interest because of a stagnant blog, but I’m ready to start building on regaining your interest right now!

@ in true LillyLoompa fashion, I’m kicking off the New Year with a project to evoke a little nostalgia…a wall arrangement with artworks that have a lot of sentimental value to me.

We had the privilege to go home for the holidays and spent some time with our precious family.  No trip home is complete without bringing some goodies from our storeroom.  Yes…we still have some stuff back in Paarl and every time I go home, I rummage for some forgotten treasure.

So I wanted to incorporate these treasures into my home and the kitchen wall was begging for some attention:


Bare kitchen wall

Arrange your artworks on the floor until you feel happy with the order.


Descriptions of artworks

Once your happy, go ahead and nail it to the wall!




Completed wall


Whole kitchen and dining room

* Oops!  Forgot to do the dishes when I took the pic! #blushingface

Till next time!

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhoette

Silhoette: An outline of a solid object (as cast by its shadow) lineation, outline

I haven’t posted a challenge in a long while. This week we took a trip home for a wedding.

* What would a trip home be without a visit to the beach?


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Hold up your scarves! Make a DIY scarf holder

We’re getting ready for winter in the Southern Hemisphere.  And boy it get’s cold in Jozi!

What better way to prepare for the cold season than organise your scarves!

Let’s make a DIY scarf holder:

Material needed:

Wood hanger

Curtain rings


Spray paint

  1. Gather the material together

2. Take a solid wood hanger

3. Use big wooden curtain hooks and tape them to the hanger

4. Use your preferred colour and spray-paint the whole unit!

5. Hang your scarves and voila!

You can make more than one for all your scarves.  Also, remember this is quick art using normal household items, so no expenses needed! Enjoy your weekend y’all!! God bless you!

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