DIY: How to make a funky table!

As mentioned before, we moved into a new house a few months ago. We entertain a lot so our dining room was in need of a seriously funky table.

I had a vision of a puzzle and immediately knew I wanted to have that kind of effect.

I have to apologize ahead of time, I have no pictures of the process as I had my laptop upgraded and accidently wiped those! Lesson? Save, back-up and back-up!

So here it is!



I used free supawood off-cuts from my Wood supplier. I also bought miss tints from my local paint store. Once primed and painted, I used super-strong glue to mend the pieces and clamped it together overnight. I updated my old table by giving it a lick of paint and lay the new top on top!

And voila! Another cheap masterpiece! Go on and try it! It is a real conversation piece!


One thought on “DIY: How to make a funky table!

  1. Melonie Karriem says:

    @lillyloompa you make it sound s0 easy!!
    Your table does look amazing though. Well done again.

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