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DIY: Easel shelving unit

Easel: {An upright tripod for displaying something (usually an artist’s canvas)}

I have recently started writing for an awesome magazine: Green Home. I focus on what I love: Recycling and DIY.

The segment is aptly called “Talking Garbage”.  

Adequate storage is a much needed aspect for a good, working home. You can never have enough storage space. A working home also needs decorative elements and you can merge the two. I made

a decorative shelf for use in a private library or lounge area. I used 2 old artist’s easels and build them like a long ladder. I then used old pine off-cuts as the shelves. It looks pretty cool and is super

I love the addition to our living room! It cost me nothing but 2 hinges (R4,00 ea) and some elbow grease!

Old artist’s easels

A-frame shelf2

Take easel apart and construct it like a ladder

A-frame shelf 4

I used off-cut planks as the shelves

A-frame shelf

It is done!

* Cheerio!

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How far to Barcelona?

One of my all-time favourite destinations is Barcelona, Spain.  I wanted to remind myself of the great time Ashley and I had when we visited in 2005.

I am always inspired by the wooden plaques in the Spur Steak Ranches that indicate how far the next Spur is located.

So I scoured my stash of wood off-cuts for old pieces.  I wanted to create an authentic feel.


I Googled the distance from JHB to Barcelona and pencilled it onto the wood.  I also want to make one from JHB to my hometown, Paarl.

I then used craft paint and washed the wood with a turquoise colour.  I then painted the words and numbers.



Another cheapie and it makes me smile!


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