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DIY: Warning…this is one hot lampshade!

I got the idea to make this lampshade in Winter 2011.  Talk about procrastination…

Anyway, I have always being interested in the orange safety net used by Municipal workers alongside the road.  I love it so much…was thinking of making a bedspread out of it! 🙂

Just joking! On a serious note…the colour immediately warms me up and what better way to warm up a room than with an extra-cool (excuse the pun) hot lampshade:

The nice thing about my DIY art is that it almost always cost nothing or very little money.  That is why it is so easy to change after I get bored of it.  Check this one I made last year for the girls’ room when we still stayed in Naturena.

Well we moved twice since and I grew tired of it.  Time for change:

Material needed:

Old lampshade frame

Safety net (available from hardware store for about R12,00 per meter)

Hot-glue gun

Pliable wire



1. Remove old lining and expose wire frame

3. Cut a piece of safety net to cover the frame.

4. Glue it to the frame with a hot-glue gun.

For extra hotness, use a red light-bulb and flick the switch!

Enough hotness to warm up any winter!

Also featured in the June issue of the 4ChangeMag.  (not yet updated)

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