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Why I like Julius Malema: 3 reasons

I like him…I cannot exactly pinpoint why, but I do.


Let’s get it clear from the beginning…this is not a political campaign, on the contrary.  I have distanced myself from politics a long time ago.  For various personal reasons.  With this post I am not trying to promote anyone (like my subject so often does) or any political party.

I am just intrigued by the fascination we seem to have with him.

  1. He speaks his mind.  Yes, sometimes without thinking before he does.  And yes, many times he says something stupid.  The reality is he says what a lot of us actually think but are afraid to say out loud.
  2. He is an entertainer.  He keeps me captivated.  I see him as a very valuable player in our democracy.  Politicians and their opinions have been a source of entertainment for decades all over the world.
  3. He is gutsy.  A lot more than I am.  He is extremely determined.  Many of us may agree that he should shift his energy in a more positive and constructive manner.
I have been trying to pinpoint why exactly I like the guy and the above seem like a few fair reasons why I do.  It’s difficult to really understand how one human being can capture us in such a manner.  Not a week goes by without him not making a headline for an absurd statement or gesture.
I think he is a comedian.  Since I made that mind-shift I find he doesn’t irritate me that much.  Whatever you may think of him, or however he has offended you in the past…we love clinging to his lips.  We crave his opinions and what he says.
I have meaning to write to him…give him a few suggestions on how to make money in an honest manner.  We all know his passion is stirring up the masses.  I have been toying with the idea to get him to have a few shows at Monte Casino or a similar theatre.  Just imagine…Julius on stage.  He will love that!  I bet you it will be sold out and he will make loads of money to fund his lavish lifestyle.  That is what he is…a glorified comedian.  And do I love comedy!  I think too much…it sometimes removes me from reality.
Your thoughts?
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