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More red – DIY palm frond lamp

Frond~ {Compound leaf of a fern, palm or cycad}

These palm leaves are found almost all over. I picked up one a while back and immediately knew I wanted to make a lamp with it. It is really strong and takes forever to decompose. Thus this is a good way to re-purpose (except use as firewood!)


Palm frond light in Ashley’s office


Palm frond before painted (excuse quality of pic)


Bare frond (taken with phone, excuse quality)


Before I mounted it


View from the bottom

It makes a great night light and it adds to the red pops of colour in the decor. We celebrate our first month in our new container home today! That explains the boxes under the table! Remember our project is constantly in progress. But I am glad to say we take it one day and dime at a time. Debt-free living requires sacrifice and patience!

Till next time!

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You are invited…

to another wedding!  Yes another one!

Two friends of ours are tying the knot in December and asked me to assist them with creative ideas.  When I visited Paarl for my infamous 3 weddings in October, I made their wedding invitations.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how I made it.

Material needed:

– A4 Handmade paper in the colour of your choice

– Paper craft Scissors

– Paper off-cuts

– Centrepiece to finish off your envelope

– Paper glue

– Clear double-sided tape

  1. Cut your A4 paper in half.  This will allow you to get 2 invites per sheet. Then serrate the edges with a paper craft scissor.

Silver hand-made paper

2. I showed them a few examples of invitations I have made over the years and they immediately liked the one I made for my own wedding 9 years ago.

My wedding invitation

3. Gather your paper off-cuts and play with a colour scheme you like.  We chose black, pink and silver.  Cut them in lengths.

Paper off-cuts

4. Fold your silver paper like an envelope.  This will save you on buying and using envelopes.

Folded envelopes

5. Paste the paper strips on the back of the envelope.  For an added personal touch, print the names of your guests on tracing paper and use double-sided tape to stick it to the paper strip.

Paste strips on back of invite

6. We also printed the wording on pink tracing paper and pasted it inside the envelope using double-sided tape.


7. Fold your invite and complete it by pasting your centrepiece in our case a butterfly like a seal on top.


Ready for delivery!

And that is it!  Easy and cute.  The black gives it a stylish edge.  I love it!

The project cost less than R400,00.  The hand-made paper is quite pricey but very worthwhile.  The clients are happy so now we look forward to a great wedding in a few weeks time!

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