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Recycling coffee cans

Hello Friday!  This week our DIY project entails recycling coffee cans.

Since we have moved in, we have only done cosmetic changes to our dining room.  It needs overhead lighting, skirting boards and cornices.  Of that mentioned, lighting to me is more important.  I love keeping myself busy with low-cost projects so I thought of recycling the empty coffee cans I have been collecting into lights.

  1. I filled the cans with water and put it in the freezer.  This makes it easier to use the nail and hammer later.  Actually, if you fill it with sand and water and it won’t expand.

Fill up with water and freeze

2. Gather leaves or objects you like and trace them on paper.  Use masking tape to fix it around the tin.

Tape the paper to the tin

3. Use the nail and hammer to hit on the outlined drawing.  Remember to make 2 holes on each side.  You will need it to fix the wire/string you would use to hang it from.

Hitting the nail on the head

4. When you’re done, use spray paint in the colour of your choice to paint it.  I used white paint as I didn’t have spray paint at hand.

5. After it has dried, thread the wire through the holes and hang where you see fit!

Hanging tin lights

The light in the background is one made of ceramic.  The tin can is obviously a denser product so the light it illuminates is not as glowing.

Tin can light

I think I have changed my mind about it hanging.  I will rather take it from the ceiling and place it on the dining table while we eat.  Statistics say you eat less when your plate is properly illuminated.  So if you eat in the dark chances are you will eat more and pick up more weight!  I am actually trying to shed those winter kilo’s so bring on the light!!

Have a great weekend and be safe!

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