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Charity sometimes comes with its own set of problems

Yes it does. It is very rewarding but also very frustrating many times.

As mentioned previously, we live in Naturena on charity grounds.  Ashley and I share the responsibility of taking care of the day to day running of the Breakthrough Centre.  The last few weeks has particularly been challenging.  We had a burglary, electricity black-outs and vandalism.

Firstly, about 2 months ago a group of kids from the neighbourhood broke the windows of the ablution block next to the creche.

Broken windows

We have identified the children and they literally live around the corner.  Our idea is to meet with their parents to try and find a solution to this challenge.  Hopefully we will do it soon.

Cable theft is a very popular crime in South Africa.  “Copper cable theft, which is estimated to cost the South African economy about R5-billion a year, has been declared a high-priority crime, “says Advocate Simi Pillay-van Graan, a Business Against Crime South Africa executive.

Last week the charity fell victim when a very expensive electric cable was stolen.  This happened during the wee hours of the morning after it was planted underground.  It appears the thieves dug it up and ripped it out.

Where the cable was stolen

The value was roughly R1250,00.  That is nothing compared to the loss the Gautrain suffered earlier this year when thieves stole cables to the value of around R45million.  Really disheartening when you consider that they won’t nearly get that amount back in selling it.

Then we had a few black-outs.  Some of them were related to the work the electrician was doing connecting the out-buildings. Then we had problems that we had to log with Johannesburg City Power.  I remember one call we logged at 01h00 am.

City Power truck

In total I think we were without electricity for about 48 hours.  Sjoe, reading this article back to myself is really exhausting.  I am not complaining, in fact I welcome these challenges.  It builds my character. It also teaches me patience and how to work under pressure.

On a more positive note, our neighbour who gave us problems earlier this year came around and made peace.  This time around he asked to chop down the weeds and bushes that grew since the last time he came to cut.  According to him it attracts more izinyoka’s (snakes) to his house.

Just a little update.

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