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Happy anniversary to us!!

Here are some fast facts you may not know about Lilly Loompa:

  • Technically it is 13 years old. I started this creative company in 2004 as a Jewellery Artist

  • Lilly Loompa Eco Products and Furniture was launched exactly one year ago on this day!
  • I made history by launching the very first social media auction of its kind on 12 September 2016. See the video below


  • In the last year we have made over 100 products – these differ from exclusive, once-off pieces to smaller items.
  • We have over 20 different products – from tables to lamps, to products made with tuna cans!

  • We have survived an inter-provincial move (Jozi to Cape Town). I bet you want to ask which is better? Uhm…the jury is out on that one!
  • Slowly but surely we have managed to gain 778 social media followers
  • We joined a great on-line shopping platform called Made in Everywhere. Check it out here.

Thank you to all our loyal supporters! ❤

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