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Behind the scenes of CGTN Interview

What a crazy few weeks for Lilly Loompa!

Crazy but good! In April our work was picked up by an International News Bureau, Chinese Global Television Network (CGTN) and they visited our workshop in Cape Town, South Africa, to document what I do!

Here are some behind the scenes pictures, courtesy of my dear friend, Natalie Gabriels.



A little bit more relaxed now!


Leon is such a great guy…made me feel really relaxed!


Get to work!


Demonstrating the making of a product


You feel so much pressure when people are watching you’re every move!


The making of a Triangle tin can lamp


Pic of our product in SA Homeowner Mag


And that’s a wrap!

Julie Scheier is the correspondent who contacted me. Unfortunately she could not attend on the day. Leon Hagen who conducted the interview is such a great guy! He made me feel very relaxed and never once put pressure on me! A genuine nice guy…with almost 30 years experience in TV.

Here is a link to the segment:

It is certainly true that the TV adds a few pounds! Whoo-eh-eh! I blame these wonderful Cape Town koeksisters and my lack of discipline!

All in all…a wonderful experience. I am truly blessed!

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How social media changed my life: Leo Crisp

This exciting post marks the first of many interviews of very interesting individuals.  Today we meet Leo Crisp.

Since its inception in February 2004, Facebook and other social media applications have revolutionised the way we communicate. Some bask in it, some not. Then there are people who optimise it to the full, maximising both awareness and spreading their business and personal brands. One such person is, entrepreneur Leo Crisp:

Lilly Loompa: Where were you born?

Leo Crisp:  I was born in Coronationville Hospital, Johannesburg.  I currently reside in Cape Town, South Africa.

LL: Your last name is very prophetic of your media background. Media speaks of fresh and new tidings. Crisp is a very appropriate surname don’t you think?

LC: Well, I always get compliments for having the such a cool surname.

LL: What is your current occupation? What other endeavors are you occupied with?

LC: My current occupation is running around like a rhino being chased by Chinese poachers… LOL – I am an Energy Services Manager which means I basically assist individuals, organisations, companies, municipalities to reduce their energy consumption. We’re in the business of clean energy. Check out our website

LL: How has Facebook and social media changed your life?

LC: It has created a platform to interact with both old and new friends and those with similar interests to mine.

LL: As of February 2012, Facebook has more than 845 million active users. According to statistics the average Facebook user has 120 confirmed friends. Leo, you have almost 5000 confirmed friends. Does that really represent your circle of friends and acquaintances?

LC: It represents people who I enjoy interacting with.  We engage on various topics like humour and politics. I love asking political questions around the contemporary situation we face daily.  But more importantly to get the views and opinions of my facebook friends on love, relationships, emotional issues.  These are issues we all face on a daily basis. I am also on twitter and can be found by searching for @LeoCrisp

Leo and President Jacob Zuma

LL: That is a lot of friends to keep up with. Do you find yourself spending much time on replies and comments to keep your friend circle active?

LC: Nope, I actually use social media mostly via my smartphone and via hootsuite which means I can update both twitter and facebook simultaneously or either one of the two or our business page named Green Africa Resources and Energy Solutions.

LL: You are known as a controversial individual. Whenever you post a statement or updating your status, is your goal to always stir the people?

LC: Well, I didn’t know I was known as a controversial individual. I just share the truth or what I’m feeling at the moment. So ja, if that is controversy then so be it. I’m just sharing my honest opinion on a particular topic.

LL: Do you think Facebook, Twitter, Hootsuite, etc can benefit mankind and address our social challenges? Do you think people use it for that benefit or do you identify more downsides to it?

LC: I think it can change the way we operate in this world if used positively and with information just a click away. Why not benefit those who need it for educational purposes as well. One can subscribe, follow or just befriend those that can add value to you. If they don’t add value, press the delete button and m.

Who inspires you? Who are your role models? Do you see yourself as a role model being involved in youth politics?

LC: I like the good things in many, various people but do not idolize individuals as they can disappoint you at any time.  Maybe with a sex scandal or even something worse. Many positive people inspire me like the ordinary man I meet on the street daily. For instance a good organizer and planner is a good role model. Meeting other people and heeding to their stories makes us discover each other’s passions and helps us achieve our goals.

LL: What would you want to achieve in 2012 both personally and socially? What are your goals for the year?

LC: My goal is to reduce the carbon footprint on the planet. Create awareness for using our resources like energy and water more efficiently. We are currently busy with a project in Gugulethu, New Crossroads Nyanga, where we hope to achieve 5MW of energy savings by the end of March. Working with young people and probably the most marginalized in Cape Town is probably a blessing in disguise.  More than 80% of our youth is unemployment. My dream is to impact Cape Town and the globe with better opportunities and ideally leave a legacy of hope.

Thank you Leo for sharing your story.  A remarkable young man, succeeding in making a difference.

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