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Does that mean I am complicated? Little foibles you didn’t know about me…

**A few years ago I was utterly shocked and dejected when a friend of mine called me complicated.

Complicated ~ [Difficult to analyse or understand}

This after I told him and his wife I don’t eat cereal during the summer season.  Yah well…I don’t! The mind is powerful.  When I was pregnant, like many other women, I suffered from morning sickness. The smell of cereal triggered my nausea.  Whenever I get that smell…it immediately takes me back to that feeling.  Does that make me complicated??  It made me think about all my habits and foibles…many that are kept hidden from judgmental human beings.

I love Sunday afternoons…mainly for napping.  It’s a highlight in my week.  * That’s one thing you didn’t know about me.

Sleeping is a very personal thing.  When settling into bed I realised how many habits and mannerisms I have.  I am very fidgety…another thing you didn’t know about me.

Firstly my bed has to be squeaky clean.  I have Contact Dermatitis.  Little dust particles and sand-grains irritate my skin.  Thus it takes me at least 20 minutes to settle.  My husband and kids are the culprits here.  Our bed is the gathering place for our family.  This is were all the cuddling and love happens.  They jump in bed without dusting their feet and it can irritate me immensely!  Literally and figuratively!


After I’ve cleaned the bed, I plump up the pillows.  Some nights I cannot find the sweet spot on the pillow.  This takes me another five minutes to get comfortable.  After all of that…I cannot sleep without a pillow between my knees.  Not just any pillow…it has to be the right one.  This habit developed when I was pregnant and I have been unable to shake it since then.  So much so, I take my pillow with me wherever we travel.  I cannot sleep on my back or stomach…I only sleep on my sides.

* I don’t drink milk.

* I hate peanut butter but love peanuts…talk about being complicated.

* I suffer from Motion Sickness, but only when I’m a passenger.  Don’t get it at all when I drive myself.

* I am a very light sleeper.  I wake up to the littlest sounds.  I only buy white bedding.

* I have a phobia of snails.  Because they come out during the rain, this means I don’t like walking in the rain although I love the rain.

* I loooooovve cheese but don’t like cheesecake!  Call me complex!

This made me wonder if anyone out there also have silly habits or foibles they feel embarrassed about…or am I alone?  Anyone out there? Come on share!

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Hate is a strong word









Enough said.  If you are an employee of any of the above institutions or are affiliated to them, please do not feel offended. The above statements are purely based on my personal experiences.

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If you are not familiar with SMS lingo, the above means:  “Hope that helps to fill in the blanks”

I have mentioned in a previous post, I am useless with technology.  So receiving & reading messages via SMS and on FB takes me a bit longer to understand.  Am I the only one out there with that problem?

I live in a neighbourhood where most people make use of public transport.  I am usually amused by how many of the commuters that wait for taxi’s are absorbed by their mobile phones.   Last Sunday I attended a talent night at a church in Eersterust in Pretoria and once again, amazed by the speed the young ones can type!!  This one young girl was literally typing at the speed of lightning.  She was giving her thumb a serious work-out!

SMS abbreviations

And I thought ATM means “Automatic Teller Machine”…who knew it now means “At the moment”!    It is quite worrying in a way…if a child can type that fast in a language you don’t understand, imagine what they are getting up to.

I wonder how technology will have progressed in 10 years.  I have two daughters that will be 14 and 12 respectively by then.  Makes you wonder…

Anyway…HAND –Have a nice day;  H&K — Hugs and kisses.  

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Techno? Oh no!

This is my phone…

My beat-up phone

This is my means of communication, my life-line to my clients, friends and family.  It shows you how much I have evolved in the last few years on the techno front.  Hubby got this phone in early 2006, and naturally I was the heir.  (Typically I get all his used phones)

I was quite intimidated by it as it is quite huge.  To me this phone was an upgrade from the Nokia 7610 I had:

My previous phone

This is not the actual picture of my phone.  (Phew…lucky for me!  It was held together by sellotape!) How embarrassing!  I loved it especially from a design point of view.

I’m the type of person who doesn’t catch on quick enough.  What I mean is, I am so busy trying to manage my life, I don’t embrace technology and the latest products immediately.

For instance, when I first got a cell phone in 1998 it was the “in” thing.  By that time, hand-held cell phones were in circulation for more than 20 years.  But it only really reached the masses in the early 90’s.  My parents and the more mature crowd were a bit weary about this new device taking over.  Rumours went around about it causing cancer etc.  I used to remark how “old” they are and that they need to get with the program.  How ironic that I feel like that “old” person now.

How I keep things together!

Now this phone has been through rainstorms literally.  It has fallen countless times and the battery is virtually exhausted. Still I cannot part with it.

Now you might ask why not buy another one?  Previously we used to acquire our phones through signing contracts with the Mobile phone providers.  However for the past few years we have been trying to detach ourselves from the credit system. So our motto is…if I cannot buy it cash right now…I wait or save until I can.

No more buying on credit so I guess I will have to live with it for another few months!  As a mother and manager of my home there are countless needs we have as a family…none of them now include a cell phone.

Now let me introduce you to my trusty laptop…

My laptop

Same story…;)

Have you ever had a phone look like this?

Please send me pictures of your mobile units 

Let’s have a little competition ek se!

  PS: Very excited as this is my 50th post today!  
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10 bad habits I have

  1. I hate doing dishes.  Most nights I leave the dishes till the next day.  The irony is I have a dishwasher,  I am just to lazy to even pack them.

2. I have a very short temper.  Especially when Ashley and I argue or disagree.  I am usually very defensive.

3. I am not a morning person.  Ashley just commented it’s the first time in years he saw me smile when I woke up.  I contribute this to the fact that I slept right through.  Usually Kirsten wakes me up in the middle of the night.

4. I don’t live nearly as healthy as I can.  I never exercise and I eat what I like.  I know it’s wrong and I am trying to be more conscious of what I eat.

5. I don’t hang or pack my clothes away at night.  I just dump them and don’t think about it till the next day.  I’m just lazy that way.

So if I don’t pack my clothes away at night for a whole week…this is what my dressing room looks like.

Yes I know…it looks terrible. But I am only human.

7. I am always right. At least I feel I am always right, especially when Ashley and I disagree.

8. I don’t like to say I am sorry when I was wrong. Once again, mostly when it’s an issue between me and Ash.

9. I don’t like to plan ahead. I have a diary but I rarely plan my days. I just take them as they come. Bad, I know.

10. I am a huge procrastinator. Here is the definition of a procrastinator by The Word Web dictionary: ‘Someone who postpones work (especially out of laziness or habitual carelessness)’. That’s me.

So, I just disclosed some of my many bad habits to you today. Feel free to send me some of your habits (good or bad). It is actually quite freeing! You should try it!


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Going under the knife…

   A poem by Lilly Loompa

  Sometimes you need to re-evaluate and reconstruct

  I don’t want my blog to become a sitting duck

  thus I am changing all the bells and chimes

  as I only want to move with the times

  please be patient with me as I chop and change a few

  and hopefully construct something new.

  I think all will be complete by the end of the week!

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