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DIY: Around the world on a whim

Travelling broadens one’s mind.  It has been said that “Travel is the only thing you buy, that makes you richer.”

A few years ago I went travelling around our beautiful country.  To remind me of my trip, I decided to make a lampshade using a map of South Africa.  Here is how I did it!






This is a quick and easy way to update any room…go ahead and try it!

Also featured in December/January edition of 4changemagazine.

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Recycled fashion: T-shirt scarf

Please excuse my recent absence in cyberspace.  My weeks have been filled with work-projects, life and house-hunting! We have to move in 2 weeks time…again!!!

Apart from a few cold days…we have been experiencing an extremely mild winter this year in Gauteng.  This week’s project is perfect for these autumny-springy days!

T-shirt scarf as featured in the 4change Magazine.

What you need: 

An old ladies t-shirt


1. Start by laying the t-shirt on a flat surface

Lay it flat

2. Cut off the top section (just below the armpits)

Started snipping away.  At this point I forgot to document the process further!  Sorry!

I tried another one…unfortunately forgot to take pics of process again!

Ashley & I

This is a really cool project to try.  It is cheap and a great way to recycle old t-shirts!  Enjoy!

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DIY: Warning…this is one hot lampshade!

I got the idea to make this lampshade in Winter 2011.  Talk about procrastination…

Anyway, I have always being interested in the orange safety net used by Municipal workers alongside the road.  I love it so much…was thinking of making a bedspread out of it! 🙂

Just joking! On a serious note…the colour immediately warms me up and what better way to warm up a room than with an extra-cool (excuse the pun) hot lampshade:

The nice thing about my DIY art is that it almost always cost nothing or very little money.  That is why it is so easy to change after I get bored of it.  Check this one I made last year for the girls’ room when we still stayed in Naturena.

Well we moved twice since and I grew tired of it.  Time for change:

Material needed:

Old lampshade frame

Safety net (available from hardware store for about R12,00 per meter)

Hot-glue gun

Pliable wire



1. Remove old lining and expose wire frame

3. Cut a piece of safety net to cover the frame.

4. Glue it to the frame with a hot-glue gun.

For extra hotness, use a red light-bulb and flick the switch!

Enough hotness to warm up any winter!

Also featured in the June issue of the 4ChangeMag.  (not yet updated)

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A theatrical weekend and a dose of salsa!

What a great weekend!

It started with the DIY shoot with photographer, Kim McFarlane, for the 4changemag on Saturday morning.  Read about me joining this very exciting magazine as the resident DIY writer.

Then in the evening we went to see the very controversial and gripping true story of Ellen Pakkies, a seemingly ordinary woman, living in a notoriously violent area ironically named “Lavender Hill “, in the vicinity of Cape Town, murdered her beloved son Adam, or “Abie” as she called him, a crystal metaphetatimine (tik) addict.

Vinette Ebrahim (as Ellen Pakkies) & Christo Davids (as Adam Pakkies)

We left the theatre in a bit of a shake.  The show was extremely intense and raw…but every bit successful for just that reason.  The struggle and fight against this vicious ill of our time is intense and raw and we need heavenly intervention.  If you want more information, follow the show and their performing details on Facebook.

Then on Sunday as per usual we went to church and received yet another Spirit-filled and God-inspired word! Wow…powerful and intense word.  The Sunday lunch was another highlight of the day but a bit rushed as we had to get ready for another theatre production by our friends, Solomon Cupido and Bradley Olivier at PopArt in the The Maboneng Precinct , Johannesburg East.

PopArt Centre

Comedy duo, Bradley & Solomon

I haven’t laughed so much and so hard in such a long time! Well done guys! We cannot wait for the next one! And oh, I must mention I am very proud to say these boys are from my home-town, Paarl and I took the poster pic!  Watch out Trevor Noah!

“Tuff times”

Maboneng, a Sotho word meaning “place of light”, is a fitting name for a district that has fast become a centre of creative energy for Johannesburg’s urban artists. With a mix of art galleries, and retail and studio space on offer, the precinct draws the inner-city public, as well as the chic, art-going crowd of the city’s northern suburbs, bringing life back into downtown Johannesburg.

City skyline

The energy is electrifying.  Sidewalk restaurants, kids playing and graffiti lines the street.

Kids playing

I love this very cool “Before I die” wall of art.

Interesting wishes

After the show we decided to go chill at The Rooftop Bar of the Canteen Restaurant at Arts On Main. What a refreshing experience! I felt like I was instantly transported to Havana, Cuba. The atmosphere was thrilling!

The bar is the home of salsa, where scores of lithe dancers spend their Sunday afternoons swaying to the hypnotic rhythms of Afro-Cuban tunes.

Sexy salsa!

Salsa – A Latin American style of music, influenced by jazz

It got my feet itching and I suddenly have an urge to learn Salsa!  Wow, truly an amazing and authentic experience.

All in all…a magnificent weekend!  Thanks to all my friends who help made it happen! Big ups!

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The seasons are a changing…

There is a change in the atmosphere…both spiritually and in the natural.

The air is crisper and cooler.  The sunsets are more dramatic.

Change is real and necessary and as the seasons change…we as human beings are supposed to shift into a different gear and level.  I recently joined the writing team of a very dynamic magazine called the 4changemagazine.  The essence of the magazine is to get people to bring change wherever they are at.

The dynamic 4change magazine

My insert...

Be the change you want to see in this world.

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