DIY: Kiddies playstove

Play stove ~ {A wooden-build toy stove for kids to introduce them to the culinary world by encouraging imaginative play}

Another project I completed when doing my training course in carpentry in October, I am very excited about this one…especially since it is a surprise for my girls. They have no idea I made it for them…it is hidden in a special place…awaiting to be revealed in time for Christmas! Ssshuuuuuuuushhhhhh!


Vintage-inspired play stove

I was inspired by this one I found on Ana White’s website. I am hoping to build the complete kitchen over the next few months.


In progress

In progress

I used supa-wood off-cuts. I completed the project under the guidance of my training supervisor.




Inside oven

It needs a few tweaks here and there, but I will give it to them in a few weeks time! I need to give it another lick of paint but I am super excited…remember don’t say anything…it’s a secret!


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