Interesting people I see on the bus everyday

Public transport: {Conveyance for passengers, mail or freight}

Bus: {A vehicle carrying many passengers; used for public transport}

Although his face looks moderately young, he could be my father’s age.  He has a friendly face that reminds me of Madiba. In fact he looks like Nelson…like he could be from that generation.  The gentlemen of that time would still make a point of dressing up when they had to hit the streets.  He looks like he could wear a hat, one that he would tip up as and when he would greet someone.

Nelson Mandela


He makes his way from the front of the bus and scurries to find a seat before the driver pulls away. He comes to sit opposite me. I cringe as he accidentally steps on my toe while trying to wiggle in his seat. He nods my way, and then shies away. His hands give away that he might have had a hard life. The calluses on his hands indicate that he could have used it for hard labour in the past.  He looks down mostly…almost like he feels intimidated. The bus is filled with busy office workers, managers and young people, all about their own business.  Some of them sit and stare into nowhere.  Some inadvertently (or maybe not) shut out any possibility of conversation by meddling with their phones or listening to music.  There is the odd girl who dares to whip off her heels and put on her flats, to prepare herself for walking from the bus stop. Some people quietly whiff and look with disapproval at her. Maybe it is the quiet and stiff environment that we are in that makes him shy away.  I want to ask him about his life.  Where does he work? I see him often.

I want to ask him about his family and where he lives. But he doesn’t look up. Sometimes our eyes meet and just when I want to strike up a conversation, he looks away again. Maybe I should also just be bolder. Maybe tomorrow…I will talk to him tomorrow.


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