A world in Jozi

It is wet in Jozi.

* I mean really wet!

It has been raining for days on end…and the roads are extremely congested and flooded.  This morning while on the road, I sat it out for nearly 2 hours waiting for the rush to slowly go by.

It is interesting to drive through the streets and observe the different styles of homes.  It is particularly interesting to see how some homes look like they do not really belong…but they conjure up imaginings of either previous era’s or distant places.

This one grabs me everyday:

Photo 2014-03-05, 9 46 14 AM

This villa is less than 2 kilometers from my home, but instantly transports me to Tuscany, Italy.  It is dilapidated and rugged…almost like the owners forgot about it.  Or maybe left it to decay on purpose.



Photo 2014-03-05, 9 46 37 AM


It is mysterious and illusive.  I always wonder what lie behind those blue-grey doors.  Maybe I will stop one day and find out.

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2 thoughts on “A world in Jozi

  1. Colline says:

    It is really sad that the house is not being kept up as it is really grand.

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