Child’s play continues…

Dresser ~ {A cabinet with shelves}

About 2 years back, I posted a DIY project about a dresser.  In essence, the dresser had one drawer missing and this highly irritated me.

SAMA 17 (16)

Drawer missing

When you are short of budget for renovations or even decorating you learn to always think out of the box.  I had to make a plan to fix this eyesore.

So I did.  And I still chuckle when I think about it!


I painted a piece of wood in the same dark colour. Then I had to make a frame to mimic the other drawer fronts


So I used coloring pencils!

*  Ha! Bet you didn’t think of that!

I was quite happy about the end product.


Dark stained dresser

This time around, I desperately needed to change the colour! I never liked the dark stain in the first place.


I sanded it down and layered it with layers of white and teal paint


In between the layers, I roughly sanded the edges to expose the dark colour

The last coat was white.  Then I proceeded with the drawers.


Final coat was white


Completed dresser


 The hallway already feels a lot brighter!


Side view

That was fun! Child’s play! Have you done something silly while DIY-ing?  Let me know! Share!

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2 thoughts on “Child’s play continues…

  1. nowwhatnow says:

    Wow! What a final outcome! Love it!

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