DIY: Doily up your pantry

Pantry ~ {A small storeroom for storing foods or wines}

The pantry was one of the things that attracted me to this house.  It is functional and also not to bad looking?  It has Louvre doors and the white-washed finish reminds me of a beach house.



That is on the outside.

* Inside looms temptation of all kinds.  Foods, healthy and not-so-healthy.  After the bathroom, this might be the most visited room in the house!

Also, its a bit untidy.

Untidy shelves

Untidy shelves

I have tried numerous times to organise it by categorising, but for some reason it always gets messy!

Time to tackle this food-mountain!

I went to my local fruit and vegetable store and collected some tomato crates for FREE! I love these, they are so handy and sturdy!  Grab some paint and coat only the front panel of the box.  Thus you save time and paint.  This also makes it easy if you want to change colour at a later stage.


Leave it in the sun to dry.


While it is drying, take some small paper doilies.  Mine was a little to big so I cut out the middle section.  Then I joined the two halves using Sellotape.


I wanted to create a blackboard effect so I used matte cardboard and used a white marker to make labels.  Use glue to attach the “labels” to the painted surface.


It will dry clear.  I ran out of Modge Podge otherwise I would have used the decoupage technique.

After this is dry…you can start organising your shelves!




The shelf structure works on a bracket system, thus preventing me from putting all the crates side-by-side.  This is an on-going project but I am extremely pleased with the result.

It cost me nothing but about 90 minutes of my time!  Do you have any pictures of your organised pantry?  Please send!

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3 thoughts on “DIY: Doily up your pantry

  1. zachandclem says:

    Good job, definitely looks more neat!! Also, AMAZING pantry in and of itself, so big…

  2. Looks so much better containerized! And as a matter of fact, I happen to have a picture of my pantry on my blog here: ~M.

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