DIY: No more Joe Soap

Soap ~ {A cleansing agent made from the salts of vegetable or animal fats}

Trying things for the first time is exciting.  You give your mind and body the opportunity to venture where they haven’t been before.

I love experimenting and sometimes I get ideas that have never been tried before.  This time around I tried reusing soap for the first time.

Inspired by candy sweets, I decided to make a pair of costume earrings.


Step 1:

Gather all your small pieces of leftover soap bars.  Luckily I always buy the same colour soap for health reasons.


Step 2

Get cookie cutters preferably in small dainty shapes.


Step 3

To soften the soap, dip in hot water.  Also dip the desired cutter to make the cut easier.

Carefully press the cutter on the bar and steadily press out the shape.


Step 4

While the soap is still wet, draw another heart on the surface to give it some detail.


Step 4

Use a glue-gun or quick-setting glue to paste an earring finding to the back.  Seal it with a gloss sealer.  You can make all kinds of shapes and colours.  Experiment and enjoy your new, affordable adornment!   You’re no regular Joe Soap with these little babies!


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