Clever decorating tricks: Using mirrors

Mirror ~ {Polished surface that forms images by reflecting light}

Every home needs a mirror…primarily for personal grooming and admiring oneself.  Then, secondary we use mirrors for architecture, decoration and design.

I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with mirrors…they can either make you feel good, or you might hate the sight its reflecting!  They almost mimic the character of a best friend…and they tell the truth without saying a word!

However mirrors are a vital part of Interior Design and Decorating.  It can transform a space from drab and dreary to fabulous!  They can do wonders—from illuminating dark corners to adding elegance and drama to an area, to creating the illusion of space. They can even serve as works of art.  Here are some pics of clever use of mirrors.


Venetian style mirror above bath


Playful, yet elegant mirrors as headboard


Small square mirrors joined to form one big unit

Whilst studying, my final assignment was also my very first Interior project.  It was a newly-build house and the clients wanted a warm, cozy living room.



The one side of the room had some dark corners that needed some light.


My solution: Add some mirrors on the opposite wall!


I installed two mirrors on each side of the folding, sliding door which reflected light back to the dark corners


This illuminated the whole room.

The mirrors reflected light in the direction I wanted.

The mirrors reflected light in the direction I wanted.

I’m very proud to say that the decision to install the mirrors landed me full marks in this assignment!

Suffice to say…you can never have to many mirrors in your home.  If they are carefully and tastefully placed, they can take totally change the feel of a room, and take your decor to another level!

Have you used mirrors in any clever way before…share!

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2 thoughts on “Clever decorating tricks: Using mirrors

  1. Anthea Ngubane says:

    Stunning article on mirrors! U just 4got 2 mention the height of the mirrors… Lol

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