My weekend…

I had another eventful one…

It started early by Thursday evening.  Friends invited us to the Night Market on Main.  It happens every first Thursday of the each month.


Besides food, the market has lots of vendors selling interesting goods


Amazing vibe…

Being out for at night for a change felt good…I almost felt young again! 🙂 Ironically I live about 3 minutes away!  Guess where I’ll be next month on the first Thursday evening!  Be sure to check it out if you are in the vicinity.

On Saturday I hosted my very first baby shower at our house.  A friend of ours, Natalie, will be giving birth very soon to her first child, Benjamin.  I love to entertain…and loved preparing for this special occasion.


I made paper flags and hearts to create a festive look.








Home-made nougat as thank-you gifts


I love hand-picked flowers.  It’s cheaper than buying.  I loved the fact I could use my cute keepsake polka-dot teacups my Granny gave to me a few years ago.  She will turn 100 years in July!  Wow!


Natalie and her identical sister, Nastasha. Tasha was instrumental in pulling the event off!


The ladies giving Natalie some tips.

Then, in true South African fashion, we had to end the festivities with a braai!


It was a wonderful day.  The weather was great and most of all…Natalie enjoyed herself.  Thanks to everyone who helped in making this shower special for Nats!  Shani, Ilse, Marilyn, Jo-Anne and Tasha…you go girls!

Then what would Sunday be without going to church?  After that, I took my usual afternoon nap and then prepared for movie night.  This time we invited friends over and watched the very heart-wrenching documentary, Miracle Rising, a documentary tracing South Africa’s difficult path to freedom and democracy.


Miracle Rising details the timeline of South Africa’s crucial moments during the transition from apartheid to democracy. (Gallo)

I am thankful…for history and how it has shaped us.  I am grateful for those who lay down their lives for our freedom.  I am grateful…

It was a great, full weekend spent with friends.  Now to prepare for Chelsea’s 6th birthday this coming weekend!  Phew!  🙂

PS: I guess I’m moving up…the birthday cake is being flown in from Cape Town! Mommy-in-law is flying in and will have the chore of being courier.  Thanks Moeder! (Afrikaans for Mother) 

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