DIY: Hairstation

Hello there! *Another hi from a scarce blogger. I have been in hiding for quite a while now. My absence from Cyberspace these past few months is a culmination of the year drawing to an end and life just being busy.

I have however had time for a very quick DIY project that will make my life a whole lot easier…a hair-station.

I had to cut my hair short recently so now it requires more styling. Thus I use my appliances a lot more lately, but the mess that goes along with all the wires irritated me.

Then I had an idea:

I could make a hair station using a plumbing y-junction. So I took a walk to the local plumbing supply shop and it costs around R 80.00

You would need:

Spray paint





Although it doesn’t look fancy, it is already adding a lot of value to my life. The appliances are easy to reach and easy to pack away.  Go ahead and try it!

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