Another gorgeous kitchen complete!

I am very proud to say we’ve just finished another gorgeous kitchen!  Well that is what I thought!

Just when I thought we were done, we found out we made a real big (but honest) mistake.  Let me give you some perspective on what happened.

These pics are of the kitchen before:

I am showing you these pics to illustrate the problem at hand.  The one above specifically shows the washing machine and dishwasher under the sink.  We kept the height of the new top the same as above, which now poses a problem.

We just assumed the new kitchen will work the same. Turns out the appliances don’t fit under the new top. #deep sigh!

So let me show you this stunning kitchen as it is now: (I absolutely love it!)

Honest and expensive mistake…I suppose that is how I learn.  We discussed all the options with the client and thankfully she has been very understanding.  So after the weekend we will tackle the issue.  The granite will be lifted, and the cupboards raised.

Will keep you updated!

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2 thoughts on “Another gorgeous kitchen complete!

  1. Anthea Ngubane says:

    This kitchen looks stunning! Love the floors!

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