Don’t judge a house by it’s cover!

Having lived in over a dozen houses in the last 9 and a half years, I think that unofficially qualifies me an expert? 🙂

I realised the other day, I haven’t really posted anything about our current dwelling.  I think I unknowingly omitted writing about it as we once again have a short stay here!

Having experienced such a lot of homes in such a short span of time, I have developed a nick for finding a gem here and there.  And yes, I found one here!

From the first glance, this is just an ordinary house on the street.  In fact, it is no looker! I actually will go as far as saying…I hate the exterior!

Exterior of house

This is a typical house in Johannesburg.  This type of house was build for mine workers that lived and worked in the city.  You find this building style all over Joburg.

The house is very surprising in a lot of ways.  I remember the first day I came to view it.  Firstly it was on the market for rental for 4 months.  That already fitted our requirements as we just need some time to find our perfect (permanent) home! Also the rental was a ridiculous amount.  That got me sold!

Then the interior really blew me away! I recently found out the house is almost 70 years old…and it really looks good!  Let me show you:


The kitchen is nothing fancy…but has that old-world feel.  It has just plain white cupboards and vinyl on the floor.  However, it is warm and we find ourselves relaxing here most of the time.

Kitchen & Dining Room

The living room still has the original oak floors and its looking good!

Oak floors

The rooms are huge and the ceilings are high.  I think the ceilings are my highlight! Pressed tin ceilings and crown mouldings in all the rooms and bathroom! I can stare at it for hours…the detail is amazing!

High ceilings

Peach tree in the back

Then there’s the huge backyard.  Perfect for little ones…especially the peach tree.  I spoke to the owner who grew up in the house and she vividly recalled climbing this tree as a child.

This house has the X-factor.  You cannot exactly pinpoint what you like about it…but you immediately feel at home.

X-Factor ~ {(informal) an unknown or hard-to-define but important special property}

I love this house…I really do.  It has great bones and seem to have great memories.  Makes me want my own house now more than ever.  Be patient Lizl, soon!

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3 thoughts on “Don’t judge a house by it’s cover!

  1. Colline says:

    What I love about those houses (aside from the beautiful pressed ceilings) is the space. The rooms are so big and airy. And I have seen many of them renovated to give them even more style. And under those painted doorway frames is a beautiful wood wishing to shine.

    • Lilly Loompa says:

      You’re right Colline…our rooms are huge! I was quite surprised by the interior of this home. Would be nice to get my hands on it and restore it to its former glory, not that it isn’t in a good condition. I would definitely add another bathroom! 🙂

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