Hold up your scarves! Make a DIY scarf holder

We’re getting ready for winter in the Southern Hemisphere.  And boy it get’s cold in Jozi!

What better way to prepare for the cold season than organise your scarves!

Let’s make a DIY scarf holder:

Material needed:

Wood hanger

Curtain rings


Spray paint

  1. Gather the material together

2. Take a solid wood hanger

3. Use big wooden curtain hooks and tape them to the hanger

4. Use your preferred colour and spray-paint the whole unit!

5. Hang your scarves and voila!

You can make more than one for all your scarves.  Also, remember this is quick art using normal household items, so no expenses needed! Enjoy your weekend y’all!! God bless you!

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4 thoughts on “Hold up your scarves! Make a DIY scarf holder

  1. Colline says:

    This is a fantastic idea! What I like about it is that it is simple to make – and you can see all your scarves with one look

  2. jozijottings says:

    Great idea! I’ve been looking for something like this in the shops with no success. Definitely going to try this.

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