Weekly Photo Challenge: Two Subjects

One of my favourite holiday spots is the West Coast National Park in the Western Cape.  Whenever we can we try to visit.  It is filled with all kinds of fauna and flora and small wild animals.

A few years ago we were steadily cruising through the park in search of interesting sights.  Imagine our surprise when we came across this…

Still snake and figurine

Now firstly the snake on its own would have been interesting, but to find a plastic figurine in a nature reserve was a bit freaky.  Take in mind that getting out of the car is not allowed so someone took a chance and carefully placed the figure there.  I took some pictures and we went on our way.

We came back and was again surprised at this:

Someone moved the figurine!

Obviously the snake is dead…cause it stayed in the same position for hours. And a brave visitor decided to play around with the figure.  Too much for me to take.  I dislike snakes ~ (as read here and maybe because of ignorance), and the irony is I live in wild Africa and love wild parks!

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20 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Two Subjects

  1. Carrie Z says:

    Pretty funny stuff.
    What are the odds?

  2. Wow! what a great shot … and a curious snake!

  3. Now that is an unusual site! Perfect for this weeks challenge.

  4. Kris says:

    Wow! Did you ever find out who moved the the figurine?

  5. The snake seems fascinated! Looks like it attacked the figurine while you were gone!

  6. Terrific captures. Really like the treatments you gave the photos.

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