Weekly Photo Challenge: Journey

Journey ~ {The act of travelling from one place to another}

The journey by car

Driving through Sedgefield, Garden Route, South Africa

Journey by ship

Travelling by ferry from Dover, England to Calais, France.

Flying by plane

En-route to my home, Cape Town

Travelling by train

Travelling with the Gautrain, Johannesburg.

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7 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Journey

  1. Colline says:

    Station for the Gautrain looks neat – do they all look like this? I would have expected a bit of African decor.

    • Lilly Loompa says:

      Hey Colline…they are all very neat and clean…and no surprisingly no African decor! Think they wanted to steer away from that look.

      • Colline says:

        A pity as it would have given the stations a unique feel to them. The artwork is what I enjoyed at some of the stations in Paris and Lisbon – makes it a step apart from what one would expect a train station to be.

      • Lilly Loompa says:

        I agree, I also loved the decor of the train stations when we traveled abroad, especially Barcelona’s. I think the Gautrain team were too busy just getting the job done to worry about the decor! Nevertheless, it was a great ride! Love your blog…especially nice to meet a fellow Christian blogger! 🙂

      • Colline says:

        Thank you – I feel it is so important that we speak out what we believe. And blogging has certainly made it easier for me to overcome that hurdle.

      • Lilly Loompa says:

        I agree…I see my blog as part of my ministry. Glad to meet you I see you grew up as a South African. Do you still visit here often?

      • Colline says:

        Yes, when we can as it can be quite expensive to buy four tickets. But when we visit, it is always for a long stay 🙂

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