In and around Jozi

For my job, I drive a whole lot around Jozi.  There is such a lot happening around the city and I always have my camera ready.

Recycling being second nature, signs like these really grab my attention:

Interesting outdoor sign

Specialist outdoor media company Guerrilla IMC is responsible for this eye-catching billboard.  Last week saw a rainstorm pass through Johannesburg and while driving I caught this picture on camera while it was pouring outside.

Daryl van Arkel, Director at Guerrilla IMC:

It seems South Africans have become complacent with littering. “Seemingly people think it is fine to throw rubbish in our streets and out their car windows”. “Guerrilla will begin using unsold sites to communicate to people that littering is not OK and we actually care about the way our city looks! We hope the wider industry takes up this gauntlet with us. We intend on using a hard hitting message in the hope that people will wake up to this issue, in fact the message may turn some heads!” Another positive spin off of a campaign such as this is it is an opportunity to employ people who would otherwise not have a job opportunity which is much needed in South Africa right now.

One of the sites is at Greenside Quarter (corner Barry Hertzog and Gleneagles Drive, Greenside, Johannesburg) – during the day this site is highly visible to the passing traffic on Barry Hertzog drive, as well as local traffic in and around the Emmarentia dam and Johannesburg botanical gardens.

It is actually really shocking to see how many people litter.  When I’m out and about, I regularly see people in fancy cars throwing out cigarette buds out of their window.  Shocking!  Count me in…do your bit for the environment and don’t litter!

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3 thoughts on “In and around Jozi

  1. Colline says:

    Love the sign! 😀

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