Little irritations: How good a driver are you?

Few things irritate me as much as bad drivers. I have been living in Jo’burg now for two years and am convinced that Capetonians are better at driving than the Johannesburgers. Don’t get me wrong, I love Jozi.  In fact I love it so much I have written about it before.  Read about it here, and here.

I am entitled to my own opinion, am I not? 🙂

I might have upset a few people with that statement, but that has been my experience.  Send me your opinion if you don’t agree or do.

Malls are huge in Gauteng and have big parking lots but because here are so many people with cars that there are just never enough parking!  According to last year’s census, Gauteng has a population of about 11 328 20 people.  Of that about 4million live in Jo’burg.  So I share the road with millions of road users.  Now if you do find a parking spot, this is what you get:

Why would you be ok with parking so skew?  That really irritates me!

I am so passionate about this…I might dub myself the new Parking Police Official in Jozi! 🙂 Watch out!

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