DIY: A twist on the classic black and white floor

We recently signed a new renovation project.  Our clients are a working couple and finally have time to tackle the renovation after buying the property about 2 years ago.

Firstly, the lady of the house is almost 9 months pregnant and they have been living without a proper kitchen for almost 24 months!  Thus the kitchen is priority.

Kitchen in much need of work

We firstly replaced the small windows with bigger frames. I proposed a different version of the classical black and white floor.  Then we got our very capable tiler to start the work.

Proposed pattern for floor


Tiler at work

We faced some challenges as the floor wasn’t level and we had to join the previous tile work to have the lines cohere.  The area is 20 square metres and the job took about one day.

Almost done...

This is the end result:

Completed floor

The floor is different but I really love it!  We are currently busy doing the kitchen cupboards.  I will keep you posted and will publish some pics as the project progresses!

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