Rapid moving with the Gautrain

The Gauteng Province is considered the economic heartland of Africa and is now home to the Gautrain. Gautrain is an 80-kilometre (50 mi) mass rapid transit railway system in Gauteng ProvinceSouth Africa, which links JohannesburgPretoria, and OR Tambo International Airport. (wikipedia)

The greater Johannesburg has a population of 10 million and Pretoria has 2.3 million. The two cities are rapidly sprawling towards each other and the train is expected to further the urbanization along the transport corridor.

My family and I were privileged to use it about a month ago.  Ashley goes to Pretoria once a week for business.  Usually he uses the car but most of the day he is stuck in traffic and this becomes very costly.  So we decided to give the Gautrain a go and make a day-trip of it.

We decided to board at Rhodesfield Station close to OR Tambo.

Rhodesfield station

Being a bit impaired on the technological front, we had a bit of trouble with the automatic ticket machine…


The ticket prices are fairly reasonable if you take into account the convenience.  See the fare table below:


From Rhodesfield we had to connect at Marlboro to get the train that went to Centurion.  So our total cost for the day for all 4 of us (yes, Kirsten had to pay!) was R268.

Rhodesfield to Malboro – R22 pp

Marlboro to Centurion – R 29 pp

Parking ticket – R10

Golden card – R 10 pp

Not sure how we got to that amount but that is more or less the breakdown.

The girls were very excited!

First time on a train for the girls and it’s a speed train!  Oh I think Chelsea once went on a train-trip with the creche to the zoo…but definitely Kirsten’s first time.

Waiting on the platform

It's coming in...


Interior very clean

Waiting at Marlboro station

Marlboro station is situated to the north of Alexandra township, next to the wealthy suburb of Sandton.

In transit

Another train passing...whooosshh

Afgri building Byls Bridge

Love the interesting design of the Afgri Building next to the N1 highway.

This 9 000m² building is the first of a number of high quality office blocks which are to be erected in the Byls Bridge precinct. Each building will have a different architectural flavour, all distinctive cutting edge designs setting the trend for future developments in the area.

The building developed, built and owned by M&T Development has been constructed for AFGRI Holdings, a well known South African Company.

Centurion station

And in a wink of an eye we were in Centurion! Imagine Chelsea’s face as we nudged her to get off! “Is the train ride finished?  But we just got on!”  The trip from Marlboro to Centurion is 12 minutes.  That is an indication that the Gauteng Department of Transport has achieved their goal of getting the people there quicker.

The project is primarily aimed at enhancing and supporting economic growth in the Gauteng Province and generating employment. It is part of a longer-term vision, which will include a commitment towards creating and sustaining a new culture of public transport usage.

All in all, a great experience.  Imagine the pride I felt when using this world-class facility that can easily compare to any other globally. Proud to be South African.

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5 thoughts on “Rapid moving with the Gautrain

  1. namitalad says:

    u r making me nostalgic with every post of yours 🙂

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    there’s something more to make you nostalgic 😉

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