Styling your baubles and trinkets

This week’s DIY post is about another cheap project…a jewellery organiser!  My longtime friend Yvette Hughes’ father Peter Hartogh is a genius.  I used to sleep over at her house when growing up and remember her father would always be diy-ing.  He made her a very cool frame on which to organise all her earrings. I just had to try it!

You need:

A inexpensive picture frame

Thin Mesh (used in construction)


Glue gun

Get all your material together

  1. Cut the mesh in the size of the frame.  Be sure to have an overhang of about 1 cm.  Pull the mesh tight over the frame and start glueing it to the back of the frame.

Glue the mesh to the back of the frame

2. Trim any access mesh off with the scissors.  Put the wooden backing back into the frame.

Put the wooden board back into the frame

 3.  Hang your frame on the wall and start hanging your earrings.



Jewels on the wall

And that is it! This is literary a 10-minute project.  The mesh cost R10.00 pm and the frame was my own.  So in total the project cost was R10.00.  Very easy, inexpensive and practical!  Thanks Uncle Peter! 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Styling your baubles and trinkets

  1. aaaah, the photographic eye developing i see…. nice project and lovely documentation 🙂

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