Weekly Photo Challenge: Regret


I  sometimes regret sleeping too much.  Many times I miss out on the finer things in life because of my lazy habit.

Ashley took this picture when the two of us were backpacking through Europe a few years ago.  We were travelling via train through Italy.  Check my pout.  I wonder what I missed while I was sleeping.

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2 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Regret

  1. Peter says:

    Hi Lillyloompa

    I never knew that my daughters’ friends (Who all became our “other daughters”) whatched me so closely. Thanx for thinking that I inspired at least one of your creative ideas.

    Whenever you are back home, please make a turn by me and Aunt Alice. Ek het nogals ‘n paar interessante nuwe skeppinge wat ek dink jy behoort te sien. Dis nou te sê as dit nie teen daardie tyd verkoop is nie. Ek het egter foto’s daarvan en ek dink ek gaan dit vir jou E-mail …… as ek dit net KAN doen.

    Ek en Antie Alice is BAIE, BAIE TROTS op ons dogters en AL hul vriende van hul skooldae (New Orleans dae). Julle het beslis regte keuse gemaak en al werp dit dalk nog nie die verlangde vrugte af nie, moet julle nie tou opgooi nie. God endowed everybody with a sense of creativity, but it depends entirely on oneself to bring it to the fore. You are indeed one of the few who have managed to do exactly that….. GO GIRL !!! GO !!!!

    Regards to Ashley and kid(s) ??

    Uncle P and Aunt A

    • Lilly Loompa says:

      Thank you so much Uncle P! You have always inspired me…as I have adopted the same style of creating on a whim. Whenever the creative bug bites me I jump right in and create. It has opened my world and allowed me to express myself. I will definitely come around when in Paarl again! Love to Aunty A! 🙂

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