How to make a place mat with a cereal box


This week’s project is once again a penny-saver.  You need the following:

Cereal boxes in different colours


Metal ruler (or paper guillotine)

Cutting mat

Glue or glue gun

  1. Start with flattening the cereal box

Flatten the cereal boxes

2. Start cutting the box in strips.  I just eyeball the measurement.  If you want, you can cut it in strips of 1.5cm.

Cut the boxes in strips

3. When all the strips are cut, lie them all flat and seal them with sellotape.  (Or you can laminate the whole unit when done, but I haven’t tried it yet.)  Will try one and let you know.

4. Start weaving the place mat.  Start by gluing the two ends together.

Glue the ends together

5. Weave…weave…weave

6. Try to use different shades all around so it doesn’t become monotonous.

7. When you’re done, glue the ends and tie it up.

Completed place mat

8. I unfortunately don’t have a better picture of the completed place mat.  We moved last week and it is somewhere in a box.  I will load a better picture when I find it!

Fun, cheap and colourful!  The kids will love this project!  It will brighten up any table!

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