“Re” is the it word for 2012

A belated wish for a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!  This is my first official post for 2012…apologies for that. I have been experiencing MAJOR technological problems!

“Re” is the it word for this year.  I love the “re” word.  You’ll be amazed to know that there are more than 4000 re-words as read here!!  Some good, some bad, check them out.

Ready, steady…here we go 2012!

Reflection.  Typically the start of a new year is a time for reflection. Most of us eagerly make a list of resolutions of how we are going to improve our lives and become better people. Usually ironically most of us, (including me) forget this list about a week into the new year.  We forget how charged-up we were when the adrenalin of the holidays and festivities were at its peak.  We forget self-discipline and all the attributes that we so solemnly swore on the 1st January.  My goal is to keep to these resolutions but I need heavenly intervention.  I need my Lord to help me because on my own the attempt is just futile.

Restart…everyday.  Start over every morning.  Don’t dwell on yesterday’s mistakes.  Rather improve on them.

Reboot.  No not you…you just came from holiday, remember?  Reboot your system…your operating system!  Oh my, I have had endless problems with my laptop.  I am not techno savvy at all…some of you might recall as read here.  Which makes it all the more difficult especially when you don’t have reliable IT support!  Hopefully I will receive my baby shortly then all will be back to normal!

Restore…relationships, your health, your marriage, your love for your kids, your love for God.

Spend more time with my kids

Remove... meaning: “To move from a place or position occupied”.  Yes you’ve guessed it…we are moving AGAIN!  Sad to go but excited for what lies ahead.  We are trusting God for our own piece of earth right here in Jozi very soon!

Home is where Jozi lies

Rekindle your passion/s.  Do what you love and love what you do.  If you have any hobbies or passions…revive them.  And when you do use them for the benefit of others.

Reinvent yourself.  Think of creative ways to solve problems.  We can learn a lot from the ever changing industry of Technology.  Every few weeks there is something new on the market.  I am challenged to reinvent my old ways of thinking.  Improve on my bad habits!  You’ll be glad to know that I have been working hard to improve on most of them…especially washing the dishes!

Rethink, recreate, recycle, restart, re-purpose, refocus…the list is endless!

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