Dirty ol’ Jozi

Last week I saw another side of Jozi city.  I have always just seen the “tourist routes” like Nelson Mandela Bridge and Newton and general areas.  This time I saw the chaotic and helter-skelter side.

Ashley has been trying to locate an Adidas “tekkie” or sport shoe now for months and the only branch we could find it at was in the city centre.  A dear friend of mine, Felicity mentioned that she needed to go into the city as well to do some shopping so I caught a lift with her and her husband.

This is the area we moved in (I think!):


The streets were filthy and filled with vendors and people.  The buildings were dilapidated and dirty.

It was an experience.  People shoving and pushing on their way.  I was warned to hide my cellphone away from the pickpockets so I couldn’t take more pics.

I did however get some shots of nice buildings:

This building really intrigued me…looked like a building in downtown New York…but it was somewhere in Jeppe or Bree street, can’t remember which.

They call the area we moved in Fong-Kong because of all the fake clothing and goods being sold there. Some might be stolen as the prices are too good to be true.   All in all an interesting experience.

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