“When-cash-is-available” works for me…

It’s the festive season and in the spirit of benevolence we thought to give ourselves an early Christmas gift…a new bathroom!  The renovation process to this house has been a slow, relaxed one.  Although the house is liveable it still needs a lot of work but we have decided to do it on a “when-cash-is-available” basis.

Thus we were blessed to have a little bit of spare cash available a few weeks ago to tackle the much-needed work in the bathroom. When we moved in we could only afford mostly cosmetic changes.  This is what the bathroom looked like when we moved in:

Bathroom before

I don’t need to tell you what a mess that was!  We cleaned up a whole lot, did some painting and we had to settle for that, or at least till we had some money available again.

This is what the bathroom looked like after:

Temporary bathroom

As I said it was mostly cosmetic. We chopped off the old, ugly tiles and just painted the wall.  That look lasted for a few months until the mould and soap scum spoiled everything.  (Don’t know why I thought it would last forever!)  This is what it looked like before we started the new renovation:

How embarrassing!

Uuuurhhh…this really looked hideous but we were tight for cash so we had to wait until we could re-do it.

Then we started gutting and chopping up those poorly-laid tiles:

Chopping 'em up!

We planned the project to the T.  We shopped around for classy tiles on promotion to make our money stretch even further.  I’ve always wanted to experiment with corrugated iron sheets in the bathroom and this was my chance.  We got a professional tiler and I asked him to lay the wall tiles in a brick pattern to add some interest.  Ashley and I put up the corrugated sheets ourselves.  After 2 loooong and messy days, the project was done!

I hate the quality of the pics…I cannot stop apologising for not having my camera ready yet.  Another case of waiting till I have cash to actually get it sorted! Sorry!

Almost complete bathroom

Corrugated sheets

Window sill

The best part is we spent very little money…you know I’m a penny pincher!

Budget breakdown:

Wall tiles:                      approx R600.00

Floor tiles:                    approx R 250.00

Corrugated sheets:                    R248.00

Wall & ceiling paint:                  R 0.00 (Sponsored by friends…thanks Claude & Jo!)

Total cost:                               R1098.00

Pretty cool for an almost new bathroom!  Still wanted to replace the shower head and basin mixers. The photo’s do not do it justice!  It has a clean, light feeling now. Kind of like a Scandinavian design.  It smells fresh and new!  I love it!

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