A fish can give time?

This week’s project is once again very inexpensive.  I was inspired by a show called “She’s crafty” with Wendy Russell to make this wall clock.

Fish can clock

It was also featured during my interview on TV on Wednesday. Forgive me while I ride the wave!

Excuse the quality the pics taken with my phone.  Please remember that this is a soft craft. Meaning it shouldn’t be handled a lot when done. As you can see one of the arms came lose while we travelled to the studio.  Here follows the step-by-step instructions on how to make it:


– Empty tuna can (make sure the edge is smooth)

– Soft wire

– Glue gun

– Clock mechanism

1. Start by shaping the wire

Cut the wire in about 28 cm lengths

2. Shape the ends as you prefer.  I decided to do spiral ends for mine.

Remember you need 12 arms

3. After all the arms have been shaped, it is time to make the holes in the can.  Drill a big hole in the centre.  You also need 12 evenly spaced holes on the border of the can.  Start by clipping the can to the work surface for stability.  Use a sharp screw or nail to make holes in the can using a hammer.

Mark the holes with a koki and make the holes

4. Once your done, slide each wire arm through the hole and glue them down.

Glue each wire arm in the can

5. Once your done…push your clock mechanism through the hole at the back. Put in your battery and set the clock arms in place.

Completed wall clock!

That’s it!  The cost is as follow:

Empty tuna fish can: R 0,00

Wire: R 0,00 (found on site)

Clock mechanism: R 30,00

Total cost: R30,00

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2 thoughts on “A fish can give time?

  1. andrea says:

    Hey! Lillyloompa

    I supa love this fishy clock! Now I will have to make tuna this week in order to make my clock! Will send u a pic when it is done! U must!!please come visit my school in the new year! We have a recycling art section , we would love to have u over to share a few ideas with us!!

    • Lilly Loompa says:

      Thanks Andrea! Nice to hear from you and I will definitely come visit you and the school in the new year. Please send me the details and address and I will contact you with a date & time! Have a safe and festive Christmas!

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